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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elizabeth Kenny, Caught in the System

Every now and again, in life, you stumble across something that is beautiful, sad and, at the same time, profound. Sometimes, you read or hear something that makes you shout out in total agreement, particularly if that something is the very same something that you have been saying for many years.

Elizabeth Kenny - Thank you

Elizabeth Kenny is an actor, writer and activist. She is also someone that could, just possibly, save many from a life time of psychiatric drugs. Her one-woman show, 'Sick', is a true story of misdiagnosis and medication.

At 32, Elizabeth went to see her doctor because she had developed ovarian cysts. 18 months later she was spending time with level 5 patients from the psych ward where she had been admitted to.

'Sick', written by Elizabeth, in collaboration with John Kazanjian, ran for three months and sold out night after night at the  New City Theater in Seattle. There's a trailer for 'Sick' after the first video I wish to show you.

In this first video, Elizabeth talks to an audience about her experience at the hands of a psychiatrist and her subsequent journey and introduction to psychiatric drugs, namely Paxil, Celexa, Zyprexa and Lexapro.

Her delivery will captivate you and many regular readers of this blog will be, like I was, shouting in total agreement at what Elizabeth has to say.

Elizabeth Kenny, I salute you.

And here's the trailer for her one-woman show, 'Sick.'

Elizabeth's website can be found here.

Bob Fiddaman.

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