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Thursday, September 10, 2015

British Medical Journal Add to Glaxo's Woes

Had an email off the BMJ earlier this morning in regard to the infamous Paxil 329 study.

It's not looking good for GlaxoSmithKline, who are currently under investigation from the UK Serious Fraud Office for various bribery and corruption allegations and who are also facing a lawsuit in the UK regarding Paxil's (also known as Seroxat) propensity to cause severe withdrawal issues and dependency.


We have an important paper publishing in The BMJ next week that might be of interest.

Briefly, it's the first reanalysis of data from a widely used antidepressant drug trial that comes to a different conclusion about the drug's efficacy and safety in adolescents.

Accompanying articles highlight industry malpractice, hidden data allowing manufacturers, academics and clinicians to overstate the benefits and underplay the harms of treatment, regulatory failure, and inaction by the academic journals and institutions.

Three of the authors are based at the University of Adelaide.

Dr Fiona Godlee, The BMJ Editor-in-Chief says this reanalysis "sets the record straight" and "shows that the public and clinicians do not have the unbiased information they need to make informed decisions."

And she calls for legislation to ensure that the results of all clinical trials are made fully available for legitimate independent third party scrutiny.

We are planning a telephone briefing with the authors and Dr Godlee at 15:00 hrs UK BST / 23:30 hrs ACST on Mon 14 September to talk through the findings and their implications ahead of publication.


More info on the reanalysis of 329 can be found here.

Bob Fiddaman.

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