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Monday, September 14, 2015

Jofre Vs Dulcan - The 329 Interview




Just three words that sum up BBC Journalist Shelley Jofre's 2006 interview with (the then) Editor in Chief of JAACAP, Mina Dulcan.

Jofre's style of interviewing is refreshing, she doesn't sugarcoat things and she is never afraid to ask the questions that would leave the likes of Michael Parkinson or Jonathon Ross cringing.

This 2006 interview, which has been released in transcript form via the 329 website, is quite remarkable and it highlights two things.

1. Jofre's ability to get under the skin of those in denial.

2. The level of denial of all those connected with the publication of the original 329 review.

Here's just one small extract - things were getting too heated for Dulcan, it seems...

Jofre: The results are pretty negative. That’s the point isn’t it and they weren’t really presented in an accurate way in your journal?

Dulcan: Well, I think there is always room for interpretation and it really feels to me as though this discussion has reached a point at which it is not going anywhere. You are really badgering me to try to get me to say something that you believe and really it is not consistent with the way a scientific journal operates.

Game, set and match to the ankle biter (me thinks)

The full interview can be read here.

Dulcan was last seen cruising down that great Egyptian river, "de Nile".

Bob Fiddaman.

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