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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top 10 Posts for 2015

These are the top 10 most popular posts from my blog this year. Two guest posts make the number one and two spots which I'm very pleased about.

#10 - UK Serious Fraud Office and the GSK 3
I name the three individual GSK employees currently being interviewed by the UK Serious Fraud Office.

#9 - When Pharma Use the Defence of the FDA
I engage with Duchesnay's market analyst, Danny Martel regarding the Kim Kardashian promotion of Duchesnay's morning sickness medication, Diclegis.

#8 - Did Seroxat Trigger the Fatal Sierre 2012 Bus Crash? 
My own investigation and take on the Sierre 2012 Bus Crash.

#7 - Psychiatry Taking the Biscuit
One sided media and the bizarre thoughts of media psychiatrists.

#6 - Kim Kardashian on the Pharma Payroll
Socialite promotes morning sickness pill with no mention of side effects.

#5 - Co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz Germanwings
My take on the Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster. This was written before we knew about the medication the co-pilot was taking.

#4 - Reanalysis of Glaxo's 329 Study Goes Public
My own take on the 2015 reanalysis of Glaxo's 329 Study by the RIAT team.

#3 - British Medical Journal Add to Glaxo's Woes
BMJ invite me along to a press conference regarding the reanalysis of Glaxo's 329 Study

#2 - Seroxat Withdrawal Diary (Guest Post)
This guest poster wishes to remain anonymous, his story is familiar. His story is a classic example of what is not being done to help people suffering Seroxat addiction.

#1 - Prozac Took My Child (Guest Post)
With almost 16,000 views this guest post by Stephanie Lynch is one that is both tragic and informative. It's also very sad.

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