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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Video That Drug Companies Don't Want You To See

I love people who stand up for others. They are the kind of people that I want to surround myself with. They do so because they feel it's the right thing to do, they expect nothing back in return, nothing that can benefit them, be it financially or forms of adulation that they crave.

These are my kind of people.

Last week, in Chicago, MISSD held its annual fundraiser. For those who don't know, MISSD stands for The Medication-Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Stewart Dolin.

Almost 300 people turned up to the event, many of whom who had lost loved ones to akathisia induced suicide.  Others came along to offer support, reporters, activists, former akathisia victims and their friends and family. Lisa Parker from Chicago's NBC 5 was the keynote speaker, and gave a touching talk about her appreciation for MISSD and her connection to MISSD's founder, Wendy Dolin.

At this years annual fundraiser, its fourth, a special video was aired for the first time. It's an educational video, it's short and was made with the layperson in mind - it's a video that pharmaceutical companies and, indeed, medicine regulars do not want you to see because it poses an onslaught of awkward questions for them.

It's a video that deserves to be spread far and wide, and not only by people who are in the same circle as MISSD or I. This needs to go viral and the only way that can happen is by sharing it and leaving comments or 'likes' on it.

If you are reading this now then it will take less than a couple of seconds to share this blog post and/or the video contained within. Don't just share it with people that you know will like it, share it with people who have no idea what akathisia is, share it with family members, with school teachers you may know or any government officials you may know. If you have friends that work in the healthcare profession, share it with them too. If you have people on your Facebook friend list who do nothing but write about their wants and needs all day, then share this video with them. Show them there's more to life than posting photos of their dinner or statuses of the 'woe is me' kind. You, as a human, need to wake these people up. If you use Twitter then do the same. Post to the pharmaceutical companies and regulators - they don't like their ethics being questioned - well, boo-hoo, I don't like having to write about kids they've killed either!

Many people have died as a result of antidepressant induced akathisia, many people still suffer with akathisia - it's a condition that is far more than shaking limbs or an inner restlessness - it is potentially deathly and is caused by psychiatric medications, created by a money driven industry and endorsed by a limp-wristed medicines regulator.

There is a tagline at the very top of my blog, it reads...

"People are being killed because some pharmaceutical or drug regulator executive think life is just about passing 'GO' on a Monopoly board and collecting their salary. The consumers of unsafe drugs are just dealt the 'Chance' cards...face down."

Never has this one single quote of mine been more apt.

The video you are about to see comes as a result of being ignored by the dealers and adjudicators.

So, get sharing and tell others to share too. There are no excuses! Don't leave it to those who have already loved and lost - start contributing now by simply watching and sharing among all of your family and friends. I am.

You see, those involved with MISSD have already lost loved ones to antidepressant induced akathisia. They cannot bring their loved ones back and they all know how hard it is to go through life without husbands, wives and children by their side. The video was put together because these wonderful people don't want the same thing happening to your loved ones.

Video is here - if you want to share the link instead of this blog post then that's fine - share, share and keep on sharing because that's how pharmaceutical companies work - they send out false information and it snowballs into fact. This video is a result of their "fact."

“I said "Somebody should do something about that." Then I realized I am somebody.” ~ Lily Tomlin

For more information on akathisia please visit -

Bob Fiddaman.

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