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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Louis Appleby Knew About Prescription Drug-Induced Akathisia in 2004

Louis Appleby Knew About Prescription Drug-Induced Akathisia in 2004

Following on from my previous post, UK Suicide Expert: Akathisia Can Make People Suicidal, it has come to light that the UK's 'expert' on suicide prevention, Prof. Louis Appleby, was warned about prescription drug-induced akathisia many years ago. Just as he does today, he ignored the akathisia and suicide links.

In 2004, Millie Kieve, founder of the APRIL Charity, called the Manchester Coroner's office as there has been a recent Roaccutane suicide. Millie was, and still is, concerned about the reaction of Professor Louis Appleby and why he fails to warn about medicines causing akathisia and suicide risk for some people. Back in 2004, Millie had written to Appleby but he had pretty much ignored her.

Millie recorded the conversation with the Manchester Coroner's office and tells them of her struggles with Louis Appleby. She also tells them that the 2004 suicide strategy plan, headed by Appleby, had no mention of prescription drug-induced suicides or indeed prescription drug-induced akathisia. She tells the Manchester Coroner's office that Appleby's office 'fobbed her off', claiming that "people might get more energy to kill themselves when they take antidepressants."

The call to the coroner sees Millie raise concerns about Appleby, SSRI drugs and other drugs, including Roaccutane, Dianette and Lariam.

This is a huge concern, so much so that MISSD (The Medication-Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Stewart Dolin) an American non-profit organization dedicated to honouring the memory of Stewart Dolin and other victims of akathisia, has now reached out to Appleby on Twitter and have urged him to save lives.

Listen to the 14-minute phone conversation here

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