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Monday, December 25, 2006

GlaxoSmithKline staff told not to publicise ineffectiveness of its drug


Maybe these two will fuel that anger?

Email to Prof Kent Woods CEO of the MHRA
Dear Mr Woods,
As you are probably aware a recent previously sealed court document was opened in the United States which is damning for Glaxo SmithKline.
It clearly shows that they witheld vital information during the clinical trials for Seroxat.With the evidence attached to this email I would like to know if you still stand by your original letter to me.
Mr R. Fiddaman Dip.Couns MOC & MSFTR
Group Moderator of the Online Seroxat Support Group
Dear Mr Fiddaman
I have already given you a full account of the Agency's position in this matter and there is nothing to add to it.
Prof. Kent Woods Chief Executive MHRA

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