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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It seems that the MHRA are using their own definitions of the English language in their communications. One instance is their definition of the term 'Young Adult'.

Let's examine the following MHRA statement shall we?

"Young adults (18-29 years of age) are at a higher
background risk of suicidal behaviour than older adults and
therefore should be monitored particularly closely."

Firstly, a seach on Wikipedia for the term 'Young Adult' provides us with the following:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Young adult refers to:

a person in the early years of adulthood

an adolescent

in human development, the stage between adolescence and adulthood, roughly ages 16 to 30.

Young adult (psychology), persons aged 20 to 40

in the Catholic Church, persons aged 18 to 34

in Unitarian Universalist circles, persons aged 18 to 35

Young adult literature, works targeted to ages 12 to 18.

in the computer game The Sims 2, "young adult" is the life stage associated with The Sims 2: University.

Basically, the MHRA are saying that the risk of suicidal behaviour is higher in 'young' adults up to the age of 29. In effect they think that if you are over the age of 29 then you DO NOT fall into the background risk of suicidal behaviour.

Now I find this quite absurd as each human being... or 'Young Adult' are made up of individual components. It seems the MHRA only think people between the ages of 18-29 should be monitored 'particularly closely' Bad news if you are 30+ then eh?

The MHRA need to change the wording from 'Young Adult' to 'Adult', there should be no age restrictions. Quite why they use this terminology is baffling - particularly as many of the adverse withdrawal reactions reported to them regarding Seroxat come from people over the age of 29.

Try this link on Wikipedia for the word 'Transparency'


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