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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Not only do Pharmaceutical companies settle out of court, they also place gagging orders on websites whom wish to report on the said settlements.

To put this in laymans terms:

Evidnce comes to light in a trial that a specific drug can cause diabetes. The pharmaceutical company, knowing they have been backed into a corner and have little chance of winning the case, decide to settle out of court. A large sum of money is offered on the proviso that the plaintiff/s 'keep quiet'.

Normally the Pharmaceutical company will state in a press conference any of the following:

X denies the lawsuits claims


X wants to resolve the matter to avoid further litigation costs

Because of the 'settlement', any evidence heard in the trial is usually supressed.

We saw Pete Breggin's damning report on GSK earlier this year, a report that was originally sealed... now we have yet another Pharmaceutical company wishing for gagging orders to be placed on not only the plaintiffs but independent reporters/Websites/Blogs too.

Wanna see?

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