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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do the MHRA know 'What constitutes a proper chemical balance of serotonin in the brain?

...It seems not

----- Original Message -----
From: MHRA Information Centre
Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 1:58 PM
Subject: FW: Serotonin

Dear Mr Fiddaman

In reply to your question of 4th December, please see the response below from our Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines (VRMM) Division:

A variety of factors can contribute to an individual's predisposition to depression. Although it is believed that depression may be caused by a biochemical imbalance and it is recognised that serotonin plays a role in the development of depression it is considered that there is more than one final common pathway in the aetiology of depression, and we are not aware of an internationally agreed "proper chemical balance of serotonin in the brain" that would prevent or reduce the likelihood of experiencing depression.

As you are aware the role of the MHRA is to license medicinal products and ensure that medicines and medical devices on the UK market work, and are acceptably safe. As the precise role that serotonin plays in depression is still subject to ongoing research we really are not best placed to provide you with a response on this particular issue. You may wish to contact professional organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists to seek their view on this matter.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Central Enquiry Point Information Centre
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
Tel: 020 7084 2000

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