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Saturday, June 07, 2008

National Patient Safety Agency

You can report your problems with Seroxat here folks - I'm guessing they pass them on to the MHRA - I may be wrong.

I sent them the following:

Report Summary

Step 1

Please tell us who you are:
A selection of people harmed by the withdrawal effects of Seroxat

At what stage during your care did the incident occur:
They are not in my care but have all expressed a desire to taper off Seroxat

Was the incident related to (tick one or more):
Other -please define here: Possibly a defective drug - that is for you to decide

Please tell us what happened
It would be impossible to list every incident individually as the 'group of patients' numbers over 9,000. I can however provide a link to the 172 page pdf document with their experiences of withdrawal:

Step 2

Please tell us what the patient was being treated for?
Once again, this differs with patients to patient. Mild depression, moderate depression, severe depression, period pains, Obsessive compulsive disorder... the list is endless, please refer to the link:

Did the patient suffer any physical or mental harm?

Which of these most accurately describes the harm the patient suffered?
The patient suffered permanent or long-term harm

Please tell us how this experience has affected the patient?
The majority have become hooked on Seroxat because they can find no easy way to get off the drug. The manufacture, GlaxoSmithKline, have no withdrawal program and deny there is an addiction problem, as do the MHRA.

Step 3

In which country did this incident occur?

Was the incident related to an overnight stay in a hospital or a mental health unit / facility?

Where did it happen? (Tick one or more from the list below)
Public place (for example road, park or shopping centre)
Residential care
Mental health unit / facility Other - please define here: Please refer to:

Step 4

Please select a more detailed location for the incident:
The incidents occured and still are occuring at many places. It would be impossible to list them all.

When did the patient become aware that an incident had occurred?
Unknown please refer to:

Step 5

Types of staff involved in the incident:
please refer to:

If staff did not tell the patient what went wrong, how did they find out?
Please refer to:

Why do you think this incident happened?
Because Seroxat is addictive and nobody has a program to taper safely from this drug

Step 6

Please describe the gender of the patient
Both male and female, both adults and children

Please tell us the age of the patient at that time
All ages

Step 7

Have you already reported the incident and if so to whom?
The document has been forwarded to Kent Woods, the CEO of the MHRA

If this has been reported, then please tell us what happened
Kent Woods has not responded

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this incident?
To do it justice it would be highly advisable that you read the 172 page document that shows patients from around the world struggling with withdrawal from Seroxat. -

End of Report

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