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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seroxat Sufferers Dumbass Award

A little bit of fun here. Sometime ago I offered out a Dumbass Award for companies, doctors and generally people who had dropped one almighty clanger or acted irresponsibly.

There are two whom I would like to award today. Firstly, Ofsted.

Their hiring and firing of GSK Senior Vice President President, Paul Blackburn, was, at best, naive in the sense that they never anticipated the public outcry that would ensue. They never did their homework on Mr Blackburn's company who have a tainted history when it comes to the safeguard of children. Click on the relevant links for news stories regarding Mr Blackburns's hiring and subsequent resignation.


Secondly, the Dumbass Award must go to Dr. Fahd Chaudhry of the University Physicians Adult Medicine Clinic in Arizona.

According to patient, Shelly Hart, Chaudhry fought with her and yelled in her face that he was "unwilling to learn" and educate himself more about Paxil or Klonopin. All this while Shelly Hart was having a seizure!

Shelly pleaded with him to watch a video regarding Paxil withdrawal, she writes:

"I asked him to watch my YOUTUBE video and he refused. Note the video lasts about 3 minutes but he fought with me about watching it for over 15 minutes. We actually argued over a telemetry strip over whether or not it was v-tach....he says no, three cardiac nurses say yes. He is not a cardiologist. I asked for a cardiac consult and was not given one! I've read telemetry for well over 6 years! He said he didn't want to take care of me because i was a psych patient. He said he doesn't feel qualified. I asked him to watch the video and expand what he knows to be more qualified and understand as he will be seeing more and more patients coming off Paxil and benzos. He said, "I don't want to know about it". I told him "IT IS YOUR DUTY TO YOUR PATIENTS TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE MATTER AND I AM ONE OF YOUR PATIENTS BUT YET YOU CANNOT TAKE TWO MINUTES TO EVEN WATCH WHAT ONE OF MY MYOCLONIC EVENTS LOOK LIKE" He said, "nope .I won't watch it, i don't' want to learn more either..." Now mind you this man was arguing and yelling IN MY FACE DURING my myoclonic event to the point where my husband had to step between us three times and put his arms out, while the nurse was giving me Morphine".

More can be read here

Dr. Chaudhry. You are a Dumbass!

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