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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Truth, lies and Paxil [Seroxat]

A timely reminder was sent to me today from a good friend of mine - The 'Truthman' - he sends me a lot of links and, like me, he is very passionate about the whole Seroxat scandal.

The article he sent me is from 2004 and from The Miami Herald

It's basically the story of Dana Kwiatkowski, a petite teenager with creamy white skin and dark ringlet curls, who woke one winter morning obsessed with violent thoughts.

Kwiatkowski and her mother sued GlaxoSmithKline, Paxil's manufacturer. Studies suggest that the drug contributes to suicidal tendencies in some kids, especially when they start taking the drug or when they go off it. The Kwiatkowskis' lawsuit alleges GSK knew this, but ``fraudulently kept relevant information from potential Paxil users.''

The full story can be read HERE but before you read on I'd like you to pay particular attention to the comment made by Mary Anne Rhyne, the GSK spokeswoman.

She said the company had not buried Paxil data and also added ''We did do research, and we did try to share the results,''

This, ladies and gentlemen from 2004.


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