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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gordon Brown & The GSK Connection

It seems Prime Minister just can't get enough of GlaxoSmithKline CEO's.

Today news appeared in the Herald Tribune that Gordon Brown is appointing three top executives as new advisers on his national business council. He says Andrew Witty, chief executive of drug developer GlaxoSmithKline PLC, BT Group PLC chief executive Ian Livingston and Paul Walsh, chief executive of drinks producer Diageo PLC, will join the panel.

Around about the same time last year Brown recruited Jean-Paul Garnier, GlaxoSmithKline chief to serve on the Business Council!

I'd like to add the promise that Gordon Brown made to Janice Simmons when she met with him last year. This from The Huntington Post:

DRUGS giant GlaxoSmithKline will be prosecuted if an investigation finds the company withheld information that the drug Seroxat has a higher suicide risk for under 18s. This promise was made by Gordon Brown on Thursday at a Downing Street meeting with a campaigner from Huntingdon.

Looks like we are all saved then!

Brown - You never came through with that promise did you? GlaxoSmithKline were NOT prosecuted. Instead, you recruit their fucking CEO to your business council!


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