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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Facebook Member Calls For Boycott on GSK Products

It seems someone has taken the bull by the horns on Facebook by way of setting up awareness regarding Seroxat and GlaxoSmithKline.

Due to some obsessive I am not allowed to partake on Networking sites but this page was sent to me:

In light of the fact the original administrator left the group, I have taken over. She probably left because of all the nasty comments being hurled around on here but they'll be no more of that...So as she set this group up in good faith I leave her description in tact...

Most of my friends know that I did a summer placement in GlaxoSmithKline. Many more of them know that I was given a computer as a leaving present. What is less well known is the fact that this company tried to kill me.

Now, I know that sounds paranoid. But it's not, because I am not the only one they did this to- thousands of young people across England and America were put at risk by the cavalier capitalism of this company.

The basic story goes like this:

GlaxoSmithKline (then called SmithKlineBeecham) developed a drug called Seroxat (in England) or Paxil (in America) which they hailed as the answer to depression, anxiety, stress... it was an instant success and Glaxo felt like they had hit the jackpot.

However, the millions of pounds which Glaxo were generating were not enough. They wanted to work out how to make even more money from this wonderdrug and someone hit on the bright idea of seeing if it would work upon children (if it could be licensed for children, their patent would be extended for another 6 months AND there would be more people to give it to).

So they did a study. They invested lots and lots of money into proving that it would help children, the results of which they intended to present to the press with fanfare and excitement. That was until they read the results. Seroxat was seen to actually increase childhood self harm and suicide; the suicide risk actually increased by 600%.

So, did they back off? Did they warn people not to prescribe this drug to adolescents? No, they actually went on the offensive, burying the bad news and promoting childhood usage of the drug via indirect means (medical journals, bent experts and Glaxo sponsored drug conferences).

How does this affect me? Well, in 2003 I was prescribed Seroxat. The doctor actually pressed it on me, telling me how wonderful it was and overcame my resistance to taking an anti depressant.

Less than a fortnight later, I had to be admitted to a psychiatric ward due to my suicidal thoughts.

This might seem like a rather personal thing to post on facebook but I think it needs to be said. This company knowingly promoted this drug, knowing that it would actually massively increase the risk to young people all becuase of their desire to increase their already massive profits.

And I was lucky. Due to my vigilant parents and a doctor at the hospital who took me off the drug as soon as he saw what I was taking, I did not die. But that luck was not down to Glaxo... they were happy to see me- and thousands of other adolescents- DIE, rather than admit the flaws in their drug.

So, I suggest, refusing to buy anything made by this company. Boycott its products and hit their profit margins...

These are the products made by this horrible company:

Aqua Fresh

(if I've missed any obvious ones, please add them as a comment).

Thank you.

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