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Friday, October 03, 2008

More on Nemeroff

Loads of stories popping up about GSK's favourite MD, Charles Nemeroff. I particularly liked University Diaries take on things:
Charles Nemeroff: Lying Sleazebag

That’s harsh, isn’t it… But, you know, call him anything you like. Nothing will be done to change this professor’s disgusting behavior.

Emory University, his employer, has known for years he’s a greedy son of a bitch who doesn’t think rules apply to him, and it’s done nothing. It shares Nemeroff’s cynicism, enjoying as much as he does the corrupting pharma money the psychiatric researcher brings the school.

No conflict of interest here, in other words: It’s in Nemeroff’s interest to get rich, and it’s in Emory’s interest to get rich.

If Emory had the tiniest dose of integrity, it would fire Charles Nemeroff.

Perhaps Senator Grassley and the New York Times can have a little more success with this man, but, again, UD doubts it. The field of academic psychiatry is filthy all the way through right now, with Nemeroff and his crony, Alan Schatzberg, heading it, setting an example, showing everyone the way.

Supine universities, a nation of pill poppers… the world is their oyster.

Read more here

All great pieces and all highlight what a scum sucking barrel of excrement this so called professor of psychiatry really is.


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