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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Inquest of Sara Carlin and the Moderation of Yahoo Groups

Jeremy Bryce of Strangford
Image courtesy of The Sunday World

During the inquest of Sara Carlin, I strived to report to the best of my ability.

Much of the mainstream reporting of this particular case came from Canada and I saw fit to report on issues that the mainstream media were ignoring. It's all documented on this blog.

During the inquest, this blog's web traffic increased considerably, a good 80% of daily hits coming from all over Canada.

What I didn't expect was the vile behaviour of my obsessive online critic, Jeremy Bryce.

His constant goading on Yahoo Groups throughout the inquest shocked even me.

The three Yahoo Groups Jeremy Bryce was posting on during this time are all supposedly moderated.

I don't know what the motives are of Jeremy Bryce's abhorrent behaviour, but he has, in the past, wrote to GlaxoSmithKline's lawyers in the UK and also the Legal Services Commission with regard to payments made in the UK Seroxat litigation.

It would appear from his fake blog that he is siding with GlaxoSmithKline and believes in their product Paxil [Seroxat in UK] - more about his impersonation of me later.

His online girlfriend, Mardi-Anne Bennett from Blackheath, Colchester, has remained tight-lipped throughout his series of vile posts - maybe she is totally embarrassed by his appalling behaviour or maybe she is pulling his strings, who knows? - More about her later.

In this post I am going to name the Yahoo Groups and moderators who have allowed these series of vile posts through from Jeremy Bryce.

Here is the email I sent to to the moderators:

Posts being allowed through

For Duncan , Mark, Robert - Respective Yahoo Group Moderators.

I am drawing your attention to a series of posts made by Jeremy Bryce who goes by the names of bryce_j_j and jeremy9282 in the Yahoo groups that you all have a duty to moderate.

He has recently been posting about the death of a young girl from Canada, a story that I have been covering since 2008.

Once this inquest is over and the dust has settled. I will be writing an article regarding the abhorrent behaviour of Jeremy Bryce. This article will include links to all three of your forums where the onus is on you all to moderate posts.

At this point, you may want to visit the blog that Jeremy is promoting -

Once there use the search box at the top left of the screen

You will also note, by reading the archives of that blog that Jeremy has posted my home address on 20 separate occasions - that I can live with. You will see that Jeremy Bryce also used to post as 'Bob Fiddaman' - I complained to Blogger and now Jeremy Bryce posts as 'Bob Fiddleman' - notice the subtle change?

By allowing Jeremy's links through on your forum, you are part of the problem, you are part of the pain being caused to Sara Carlin's family and friends.

Reading the posts by Jeremy on your forum over the past week or so has sickened me and I now see he is attacking Terence Young, the MP for Oakville, Ontario. Once again attacking the bereaved from the safety of his computer.

A copy of this will be forwarded to the Carlin family and Terence Young once this inquest is over. I will also offer you, as moderators of these Yahoo groups to comment on the article I write just before I publish it.

This behaviour/obsession must desist for the sake of the Carlin family.

If you see this as an implied threat, it is not.

I am merely giving you an opportunity to research Jeremy's blog and then make an informed decision as to whether you wish to continue to allow his posts through.

I am not going to waste anymore of my time on this issue - if you wish to search your own respective Yahoo forums you will see the offending posts.

I can be contacted at if you wish to discuss this matter.

The ball is in your court.

Bob Fiddaman
Author of Seroxat Sufferers

The three Yahoo Groups in question are UK Survivors, Critical Psychiatry and Psychiatry Research

A selection of some of the posts allowed through on Psychiatry Research, a forum moderated by Robert Karl Stonjek [image below]

Psychiatry Research Group Moderator - Robert Karl Stonjek

You will note in some of the posts the need for Jeremy Bryce to highlight certain segments. You will also note that Jeremy Bryce directs readers to a blog he has created - a blog that carries the same name as my blog, where he posts as 'Bob Fiddleman'

Here he writes:

How revealing - Terence Young MP settles out of court in 2006 (on terms not revealed) whilst the poor Carlin family take it to the wire !

There are more posts that moderator Robert Karl Stonjek has allowed through, despite being told of Jeremy's fake blog.

Robert Karl Stonjek resides in Tasmania. His LinkedIn profile lists him as an 'independent researcher'

Next is the Yahoo Group, Critical Psychiatry, moderated by Duncan Double [See Image below]

Duncan Double is Consultant Psychiatrist, Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practice, University of East Anglia. His homepage can be found HERE

Critical Psychiatry Group Moderator, Duncan Double

Again, the majority of Jeremy Bryce's posts on this forum direct people to his fake SEROXAT SUFFERERS blog. Again Bryce has highlighted certain bits of press cuttings to fit in with his irrational thoughts.

There are many more, the majority of which lead to Jeremy Bryce's fake blog.

Finally, the Yahoo Group, UK Survivors, moderated by Mark Roberts.

Once again you will note Jeremy Bryce highlighting various bits of text that he has cut and pasted from articles - you will also note that once again Jeremy directs people to his fake blog.

Again, there are many more.

Jeremy Bryce is from Ballyhornan in Northern Ireland, he is vast approaching 60 years of age and, it seems, has nothing better to do than goad using the death of a young girl.

Bryce, separated from his long term live-in partner and three children some time ago.

He went public in an Irish newspaper claiming that he had been bullied out of his village' - However, the stories he spun on UK Survivors were somewhat different to the story he told in the Irish newspaper, The Sunday World.

The moderator of Psychiatry Research, Robert Karl Stonjek, can be emailed HERE

The moderator of Critical Psychiatry, Duncan Double, can be emailed HERE

The moderator of UK Survivors, Mark Roberts, can be emailed HERE

All of the above, along Jeremy Bryce, are responsible for using the death of a young girl to be used as some sick point scoring game.

Yahoo Groups Terms and Abuse, will also be sent a copy of this post.

Thus far two of the moderator's have responded to my initial email to them.

I received the following response from Robert Karl Stonjek, moderator of Psychiatry Research:

you'll have to take this up with Jeremy ~ I don't have the time to police messages. I check only that news messages are relevant and that discussions remain reasonably civil.


Robert Karl Stonjek did add that he had told Jeremy not to post any more links that had my name in the url. When asked if he was going to remove the links already posted on his forum regarding the inquest of Sara Carlin, he simply answered.


Robert Karl Stonjek is the owner and/or Moderator of several academic discussion forums (total membership of over 7,000) including Evolutionary Psychology; Evolutionary Psychology News; Cognitive Neuroscience, Mind and Brain, Consciousness; Psychiatry Research, Physical Sciences and Climate Change Forum.

Robert Karl Stonjek can be friend requested on Facebook HERE

Mark Roberts, moderator of the Yahoo forum, UK Survivors, told me that he too would ban Jeremy Bryce from posting any more links to the bobfiddaman.blogspot. He also made some helpful suggestions to me.

Duncan Double, moderator of Critical Psychiatry, failed to respond.

I have grown to live with Jeremy Bryce accusing me of being a benefit cheat, a Scientologist, a thug, even associating me with Gary Glitter because I once spent 4 nights in Bangkok. What I find totally abhorrent is Bryce using the death of a teenage girl at a time when her parents, sister and other family members were struggling to deal with the daily goings-on at the inquest.

What I find more abhorrent is the failure of Yahoo Group moderators to police their groups. They are as much to blame as he.

The posts by Jeremy Bryce remain on all three groups as do his attacks on various other Seroxat/Paxil activists.

Jeremy Bryce is apparently the list owner and moderator of his own Yahoo Group - SSRI CRUSADERS - It's a closed shop and you are vetted if you want to enlist. He has been posting the same links in there too.

The reigns were handed over to Jeremy Bryce by former co-founder of SSRI Crusaders, Cassandra Dawn Casey, Director, ASPIRE Academy. SSRi Crusdaers was formed by Cassandra and Charles Groenendijk.

If you research the archives you will see posts from 'Tuesday1st, Jeremy's online girlfriend, real name, Mardi-Anne Bennett from Blackheath, Colchester, UK.

You will also note a post from Jeremy Bryce dated Aug 25, 2008
SEROXAT SUFFERER EXPOSED - the original name for Jeremy's fake blog - he later changed the name to SEROXAT SUFFERERS STAND UP AND BE COUNTED - The same as my blog.

The Fiddaman obsession continues HERE which sees Jeremy, who remember is the list owner of SSRi Crusaders, post links to his shadow blog.

The list owner/s of SSRI CRUSADERS can be contacted HERE

I am shocked to see Jeremy Bryce stoop to such a level of trying to direct people to his fake SEROXAT SUFFERERS blog by using the death of a young girl. What's even more perplexing is the following from his fake blog, "Fiddaman - The Evidence, However is clear, using the dead to create interest." He then proceeds to post [cut and paste] articles from the Canadian press.

For an example of how both Bryce and his girlfriend, Mardi Bennett operate, check out this thread.

It see's Jeremy Bryce posting about Panorama and Seroxat. Steph Gatchell, who appeared on Panorama is also a member of SSRI CRUSADERS. Steph's daughter, Sharise hanged herself whilst on Seroxat. Judge for yourselves Mardi Bennett's reaction to Steph Gatchell defending Panorama and ask yourself why Mardi Bennett has such a disdain, it would appear, to Panorama, Seroxat and solicitors involved in the UK Seroxat litigation.

In a another post Jeremy is seen attacking Steph Gatchell with regard to Panorama and their coverage of Seroxat.


Here on this board; "way out in space looking back" ……. some people still miss points unless they are spelled out …….

In the UK (& Ireland) Laywers, their PR firms & associated hangers on, have primed and used ………. publicly funded influential programs – the media – journalists - politicians - `supposed' support group owners ….. to single out and keep the focus on just one drug –

CHOOSING to IGNORE received information – documents and pleas to widen the issue and name ALL the drugs in the class ……..

How many parents have lost their children to drugs OTHER than Seroxat since the first Panorama program was aired ……..

How many parents have lost their children to drugs OTHER than Seroxat since the GSK litigation was instigated ……

Other very UNNECESSARY tragedies that possibly WOULD HAVE been avoided had ALL the drugs in the class been CLEARLY identified by NAME during reporting .......


How many parents are yet to loose their children because of the selfish Seroxat mafia ?

Steph's response kind of hits the nail firmly on the head:

What an unfair,vicious,cruel,insulting personal attack! I'm speechless..

Hardly something one would expect from a List Owner and moderator..

Clearly you haven't read my previous posts properly!

I made it very clear how I feel about the SSRI-issue as a whole, why I belong to this group.

This intense personal vendetta of yours against all people involved in the Seroxat issue is very hard to comprehend..

It's obsessive, unhealthy and energy mis spent.

If there was such a thing as tact, then it would appear that Colchester's Mardi Bennett and Strangford's Jeremy Bryce do not know how to use it.

Yet another example of the pair of them showing a complete lack of empathy toward those that are grieving the loss of a loved one - that's my take anyhow and if I were a gambling man I would bet that both Jeremy Bryce and Mardi Bennett would never say the things they do online face to face with one of their victims.

If either Bennett or Bryce wish to comment they can do so on here, in full view of everyone and not behind the safety of a forum co-owned by Jeremy Bryce!

I'm guessing that they won't. Cowards rarely venture away from the safety of their comfort zone.

You can view the Panorama thread here where Colchester's Mardi Bennett speaks of her Seroxat conspiracies to the grieving Stephanie Gatchell, here

Everyone who has been mentioned in this post all have the right of reply in the comment section of this blog. I think it best we get things out in the open.

Jeremy Bryce has, it appears, a history of lies and deceit. He has used it to manipulate members of many Yahoo forums, whether to gain some sort of support for his delusions or to gain sympathy for his apparent bad time on a whole host of prescription medications.

An example of Jeremy Bryce 'indecisiveness' can be viewed here:

Here we have the classic line from Bryce's post on Sat Jun 7, 2003 , "Nobody can tell me exactly what damage has been caused to my skin by Seroxat nor indeed will there ever be a cure."

Two months earlier he had wrote, "I don't take Seroxat"

Then this photo Jeremy uploaded to the UK Survivors file section in 2005.

Headline of the photo?

"My feet damaged by Efexor"

The SSRI Crusaders tagline is - "Exposing The Truth"

Kind of ironic don't you think?

The UK Survivors tagline is - "Mental health user/survivors, disabled people and allies in the UK to debate, get/give support and network together."

There are many more instances of Jeremy's lying and impersonating of other people online. One such instance is his impersonation of a Catholic priest, Fr Sean Gilmore, from his hometown of Strangford. This thread, from a Northern Ireland buy & sell forum, sees Jeremy chastise a local resident for selling bric-a-brac items online - he does so under the guise of Fr Sean Gilmore.

Some years later would see Jeremy Bryce upload this appalling image to the UK Survivors Forum.

To bully a grieving mother is abominable - that was bad enough.

Now, Jeremy has moved on and has decided to target the memory of Sara Carlin.

Here's a list of some of the other advocates and family's Jeremy Bryce has exploited on his shadow blog.

Investigative Journalist, Evelyn Pringle [LINK]

Effexor victim, baby Matthew Schultz [LINK]

David Healy [LINK]

Peter Breggin [LINK]

Paxil activist, Rob Robinson [LINK]

Seroxat User Group Owner, Janice Simmons [LINK]

Furious Seasons author, Phil Dawdy [LINK]

Panorama presenter and Investigative journalist, Shelly Jofre [LINK]

Mother of Seroxat suicide victim, Sharise Gatchell [LINK]

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights [LINK]

Baum Hedlund, US Paxil Lawyers [LINK]

Mark Harvey, UK Seroxat solicitors [LINK]

My son, Gary [LINK]

And here, Jeremy really loses the plot with the eye catching headlines:

'They wouldn't allow Gary Glitter into Bangkok but they allow Fiddaman'. Nice huh?

ahhhhhhhh so Fiddaman is a Gary Glitter fan - that explains a lot !!

Gary Glitter (loved by Fiddaman) - Thailand vows to ensure disgraced star returns to UK

Why was Bob in Thailand & why is he so touchy about "leader of the gang" Gary Glitter

Ironic then that Jeremy Bryce would openly post about Strangford residents calling him a paedophile back in 2003 on the UK Survivors forum!

If you have ever slammed Paxil, he has probably wrote something about you. Use the search box at the top left of his blog - it's quite an insight into the mind of Jeremy Bryce.

Jeremy Bryce's fake SEROXAT SUFFERERS blog can be viewed here - you will note his desire to promote three of his online girlfriend's blogs, all of which are mentioned below. You may also note his side bar where more links will tell you of the state of Jeremy Bryce's mind.

Jeremy Bryce can be emailed HERE

His online girlfriend, Mardi Bennett from Colchester has three blogs. The first can be viewed here, interesting to note the title of her lead post.

Her second blog can be viewed here, once again her lead story is about her fixation with the UK Seroxat litigation.

The third, details her emails to the MHRA and can be viewed here

I've previously wrote about this incredulous pair here, 'Stalkers Request Information from MHRA' and Phil Dawdy, another target of Jeremy Bryce, wrote about them here, 'Blogger On Paxil's Dangers Draws Weird Attention.'

For the record, Jeremy Bryce first started targeting me as his object of obsession in 2006. [SEE PDF Page 8]

Jeremy Bryce, Mardi Bennett, Duncan Double, Mark Roberts and Robert Karl Stonjek each have the right of reply here.

A public apology would be a start.

Sadly, Sara Carlin and Sharise Gatchell do not have the option of rebutting themselves to Messrs Bryce and Bennett.

**If you are going to leave a comment on this post then please use your real name. I won't be allowing anonymous comments through for this particular post. You may wish to drop your surname and just replace it with an initial as Jeremy Bryce has, in the past, targeted many that have left comments on my blog.

I anticipate that many of the links provided in this post may be pulled by the moderators mentioned above and also on Jeremy's shadow blog, if complaints are made to the host, Blogger.

**Update: - The cyber-stalking bully now has a 'Fiddaman_parody' twitter account.

**Update - Both Jeremy Bryce and Mardi Bennett have denied being behind a new anti-Bob Fiddaman blog HERE.

**Update - Here, Jeremy Bryce mocks the mother of suicide victim, Toran Henry.

** Update - Here, Jeremy Bryce mocks suicide victim , Shane Clancy.

**Update -  Jeremy Bryce informs members of Yahoo group, SSRi Crusaders, that my blog is infected with a virus and links me in with a child sex ring. HERE

**Update - The Twitter accounts JeremyBryceJoke and BryceWillStalkU have not been created by me, despite the claims of Jeremy Bryce

** Update - On March 27, 2011, Mardi Bennett, posting as 'Tuesday1st', promoted the new anti-Fiddaman blog on the Yahoo forum Critical Psychiatry

Screen captures have been kept.


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