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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Callous-Unemotional Traits - The DSM to Strike Again!

Psychiatry: Gambling with our children

With so many advocates working hard to stop the drugging of children it comes as no surprise that the American Association for the Advancement of Science are rolling out "the importance of callous-unemotional traits (CU) in identifying children at risk of antisocial behavior and other adjustment problems."

Research, writes Medical News Today, presented by Indiana University Bloomington faculty member Nathalie M.G. Fontaine, finds that the emergence of CU traits in childhood is in most cases influenced by genetic factors, especially in boys. However, environmental factors appear to be more significant for the small number of girls who exhibit high levels of CU traits.

The research apparently showed that 5 to 10 percent of children showed CU traits, such as a lack of emotion and a lack of empathy or guilt.

Nathalie M.G. Fontaine, who presented the research, said; ""If we could identify those children early enough, we could help them as well as their families."

The 2010 study also appears in the Journal of American Academy of Child and Asolescent Psychiatry. The study included 9,462 youths from the Twins Early Development Study, a population-based sample of twins from the United Kingdom.

You thought it was just America these morons were targeting?

Think again.

Last year I wrote about Australia's "Man of the Year" Patrick McGorry. He has basically come up with the same idea, to catch mental health disorders in children early. More on McGorry at CCHR

Unbelievable - A child can walk into a surgery in the UK today and can be diagnosed with one of the many lists of apparent psychiatric disorders invented by the DSM, it can take as little as 15 minutes to diagnose a child based on a series of questions and answers.

Fuck it, let's cut out the middle man and tell the child years before hand that he/she is going to get some sort of psychiatric disorder later in life.

Complete and utter psycho babble and designed to make the pharmaceutical industry lots of money and build a nation full of drug induced zombies.

What on earth is going on here, why are adult human beings predicting whether or not a child will fall foul of a mental disorder?

With the use of psychiatric drugs in children in America already apparent, Australia and the UK seem to be following suit. We are slowly becoming a nation with a 'couldn't care less' attitude.

Lay down and let this happen and there is going to be a lot of heartache in the years ahead.

Don't label children with disorders that they may get in future years, in fact don't label them at all.

I foresee a future where you are asked if you are getting your 5 a day won't mean fruits and vegetables, it will mean your 5 medications that you have become hooked on because of some predisposed illness you were told you may get.

It's insanity, it's perverse, it's downright fucking evil.



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