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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Biederman's Antics Throw Spanner Into McGorry's DeLorean

Joseph Biederman and 'best buddy', God

Self-proclaimed "2nd to God" psychiatrist, Joseph Biederman, has had his ass severely kicked this week. The Godly one, along with two of his colleagues, Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens, said they were "sorry" for an 'honest' mistake - the  mistake being they forgot to declare the millions of dollars they received from drug firms.

Biederman and his two partners in this 'honest' form of forgetfulness were paid the millions by various pharmaceutical companies, money that promoted dubious research and mislead the public.

Harvard Medical School and the Massachussetts General Hospital issued the three naughty boys with a stern telling off. 'Naughty, naughty boys.' Apparently they were made to stand in a corner for the duration of their lunch break.

Where Harvard Medical School and the Massachussetts General Hospital failed in their pathetic disciplinary procedure, the Australian authorities may show them how it's done.

The Australian newspaper has an enlightening article today. Australia's National Health and Medical Council have been waiting patiently for the outcome of this investigation, in fact they have been waiting since 2009.

The Australian writes:

Australia's National Health and Medical Council held off approving the draft guidelines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder issued in 2009 as it awaited the outcome of the US conflict-of-interest investigation.

Ouch! I'm guessing this could have serious ramifications for Australian psychiatrist, Patrick McGorry's early intervention program, a program devised to predict if a child will fall foul of a 'mental disorder' in future years, a disorder such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It's a brave move by The National Health and Medical Research Council, seeing as the Australian government have already thrown McGorry millions of dollars for his time-travelling DeLorean machine.

The Boring Old Man blog has been following the demise of Biederman closely and has some fantastic articles up for your perusal. Stephany Newman, who writes the Soulful Sepulcher blog, has also been keeping dibs on Biederman since news broke of his faux pas.

Is the tide turning? Will this mean that fewer children will be given mind-blowing drugs because they are basically going through the motions of being a child?

Joseph Biederman has a lot to answer, maybe when it's his day of judgement, he can answer to his good buddy, God.

I'm thinking of an elevator ride... going down?

You can read more about Biederman over at Evie Pringle's Catalogue of Articles blog.

As for more background info on McGorry, just Google McGorry + Seroxat Sufferers

Here's God's best buddy Joseph Biederman and his, now infamous, God quote.




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