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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Child "Protection" Services Dope 3 Year Old On Risperidone

HOUSTON, TX - This is one of those stories that highlight how perverse the justice system can be, not only that, it also shows how utterly incompetent the whole system of child protection can be.

Three year old Rachel Harrison was taken off her parents because they had dabbled in recreational use of cocaine. As an outsider looking in I was preparing myself for a story of neglect and abuse and would have applauded the quick thinking of the Child Protective Services [CPS]

However, watching the video [below] leaves me scratching my head and makes me wonder why the CPS are not up on a charge of abduction and child abuse.

It's hard to know where to start with this story. Rachel's parents had their child taken away because they both occasionally took cocaine for recreational use. Evidence, that came out in court, showed that their 3 year old daughter was never abused or neglected, this evidence coming from the CPS!

Once in 'care', Rachel was put on Risperidone, an antipsychotic normally prescribed for schizophrenia. According to the reporter Rachel was also put on other drugs. Nobody, not even the CPS, seem to know,or want to divulge, who made that decision.

Now I know that one should never judge a book by its cover but watching the video I don't see two cocaine addicts. I see two parents who are holding their hands up and admitting their recreational activity was a tad silly. Rachel was never around when they took cocaine - her mother, Christina, tested positive while having her appendix out in hospital.

This was enough for the CPS to take Rachel away, pass her around from facility to facility and medicate her to the point where she sat in a corner looking dishevelled and dribbling from the mouth.

Who are the abusers here? A healthy child is plucked from her surroundings, thrown into a system and given mind altering drugs. Do we blame the CPS for this wanton neglect, do we blame the basket case whose idea it was to drug a 3 year old or do we blame her parents?

If Rachel's parents had passed some cocaine onto their child there would be uproar. If they had passed her around from relative to relative making sure she had her daily fix of cocaine then I'd be the first one shouting to lock them up for life. Thing is, they didn't. It was the CPS who took charge of her, it was the CPS who stood by and watched as she was prescribed Risperidone by some lunatic.

Watch the will be amazed as I when you learn that the CPS still want custody of little Rachel Harrison.

Full report can be read at Fox News




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