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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glaxo's Andrew Witty Has Personal Details Appear on Twitter

As much as I don't really care much for Andrew Witty or anyone else associated with Glaxo for that matter, I feel I must protest at recent events on the social networking website, Twitter.

An account was created that allegedly posted the home address of Glaxo's CEO, Andrew Witty.

Not nice.

I won't throw up any links, my obsessive stalker, has already done that ~ of course trying to associate me with the said account on Twitter.

I think if one is going to be critical of the pharmaceutical industry then posting a CEO's address serves no purpose, in fact it does the complete opposite.

I can understand the anger of Seroxat/Paxil users, trying to wean off an addictive drug with no help from the company that made it can be frustrating and, in many cases, life-threatening. To start posting the home address of Glaxo's CEO was below the belt.

As I understand, the accounts responsible have now been removed, and rightly so as they overstepped the mark.

Witty's address still circulates, I fear for him as my obsessive stalker, RIP Troller, Jeremy Bryce, has now republished it on his fake Seroxat Sufferers blog - again I won't link in to it because that would just be wrong. He's also done the same with my 16 separate blog posts.

Glaxo's UK based lawyers, Addleshaw Goddard, should be able to track down Bryce quite easily, seeing as he apparently wrote to them back in 2009.

I've not gone soft on Witty or GSK, I still don't like the way they suppressed Seroxat data in clinical trials, I still don't like the way they refuse to help people wean off their addictive drug Seroxat, I still don't like the way they make settlements out of court to victims of their drugs without admitting liability, in general, I still don't like them nor do I like lawyers that represent them.

For the record, the following Twitter accounts have nothing to do with me:


@A_Witty_parody [now removed]

@seroxatkills [now removed]



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