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Monday, March 12, 2012

Aussie Mental Health Minister Helen Morton in Mud Slinging Campaign

WA Mental Health Minister Helen Morton

Well, it appears that the Western Australian Health Minister, Helen Morton, has joined the ranks of the DeLorean driving posse [Paddy McGorry et al] and slammed those who have slammed the draft of the proposed changes in the Aussie mental health legislation. One of the proposals is to allow children to consent to being prescribed mind-altering medication and treatment such as ECT.

In typical [now unfashionable] fashion, Morton has accused the Church of Scientology of running a scare campaign.

[Insert laughter here]

ABC News Australia showed how The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights Australia [CCHR] have been handing out thousands of leaflets to protest against the new proposals, prompting Morton to label them.

Oh the irony.

Does Morton think that every single person who criticises these farcical proposals is a Scientologist?

The ABC News footage can be viewed here, most striking comment comes from Morton herself, via the reporter:

"The draft bill is just that and it's unlikely than many of the proposals will end up in the final version."

Anyone else think that Morton is missing the bigger picture here?

She should be criticising rather than name-calling, although it's common place for people to refer to mental health critics as Scientologists, usually because the person mud-slinging really does not have a clue what they are talking about and even if they did...they just don't know what to do about it.

So, sit back Ms or Mrs Morton, rest those weary feet of yours and do nothing. Meantime, the draft bill proposal will be assessed and pushed by the powers that be to include the latest set of mental health illnesses that can only be cured by Pharma drugs, in turn making millions of Aussie tax dollars for the current Australian government. Even Paddy McGorry has openly criticised the draft bill.

I'm left wondering what religion Morton is behind, it's a fair enough question, isn't it?

I don't see Catholics, Muslims or any other religion speaking out against these moronic proposals. I do, however, see a growing number of academics and patient advocates rising up, many of which cannot be labelled by the likes of Morton and the rest of the DeLorean driving posse from down under.

When a cause is effective there will be those who wish to shoot it down. CCHR are effective and that, ladies and gentlemen is pissing off the hierarchy so much that the only thing they can come back with is the Scientology slur.

I'm not a Scientologist, despite being labelled one many times usually by my pensioner stalker, a mindless cretin from Northern Ireland. I have many Scientologist friends, same as I have many Catholic, Muslim and Hindu friends. I don't judge people because of their need to have a religion in their life. I do, however, question the likes of Morton who can openly claim that CCHR are scaremongering. I think if she reads the proposals for the DSM-5, she will see clearly who the ones are that are scaremongering.

You know, if I was a kid I'd like someone to watch out for me. I'm reminded of the film 101 Dalmations and the character Cruella de Vil. In this instance the victims are children and not dogs.

Words fail me. Fortunately CCHR Australia are not failing, they are creating an awareness that da man just doesn't like. Da man's only form of weaponry is his mouth and the tired, worn out excuse that those wishing to safeguard children are Scientologists.

Blow it out yer arse Australia!

For the record, I believe in Karma.

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