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Friday, February 14, 2014

MHRA - "Your Views Matter"

I think it's safe to say that I, over the years I've been writing this blog, have had a lot of correspondence with the British drug [ahem] regulator, the MHRA.

Most of my correspondence with them, at least 80%, has been bog standard replies that they send out to anyone questioning their stance on antidepressants. I've publicly chastised them on here and in my book many times. Had a meeting with their CEO and met other officials on numerous occasions both in London and Birmingham.

Thing is... they've never really invited me to leave any comment about how I rate their performance.

Imagine my surprise then when I learn that they are now offering that service to members of the public who request information from them.

The MHRA Customer Services Feedback, aptly run via the surveymonkey website, invites you to leave comments regarding their performance of answering requests you have made to them. Hmmm, they have never offered me any such link in any of the emails they have sent me.

Anyway, why look a gift horse in the mouth. Armed with a snipping tool I've filled in the forms on the survey and added them as jpgs for your perusal.

The MHRA recently appointed a new CEO. His name is synonymous with Paxil litigation. Dr Ian Hudson took over the helm from Kent Woods last year. Hudson had previously been depositioned by US Attorneys in a Paxil suicide case. You see, the man who is now head of the MHRA once worked at GlaxoSmithKline, moreover, he was head of World Safety at GSK [Then Smith Kline Beecham] and worked closely with Paxil.

Nice to have some impartial at the head of a drug regulatory agency, huh?

Hudson, unlike Woods, chooses not to correspond directly with consumers [stakeholders], instead emails are answered by other employees at the MHRA.

Anyway...I've wrote about the conflict of interests at the MHRA many times before. Back to the The MHRA Customer Services Feedback.

Here's my feedback...

Bob Fiddaman


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