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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Boss Plays the Music of His CEO's

Bruce Springsteen is da man, the guy richly deserves all the plaudits. He's known as "The Boss", and rightly so. His music has inspired many, his concerts have sold out across the world. He is, without doubt, the main man.

Imagine my deep joy when a good friend of mine, and massive Springsteen fan, Arun Bhanot, sent me a link to a video of Springsteen opening his show in Adelaide.

Springsteen has been touring Australia and opening up his shows with AC/DC's Highway To Hell. Most of you will know I am a huge fan of AC/DC. In fact, chapter one of my book is subtitled 'Highway To Hell'

So, why am I writing about Springsteen and AC/DC on a blog that is predominently about pharmaceutical companies and piss poor regulators? Well, because even I need a break from all this dark, seedy stuff.

Writing and researching about the death of someone kinda takes its toll... so allow me to indulge.

Here's Springsteen covering AC/DC's Highway To Hell.

For Bon

AC/DC are set to hit the studio in May this year to record a new album. A 40 date tour will follow shortly after [source]

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