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Friday, March 07, 2014

Justina's Parents Still Fighting

"There's no argument that she was doing better under their [parents] care than under the care of the government" - Rev Patrick Mahoney

The saga continues.

With all the public outrage surrounding the case of Justina Pelletier one would have thought that the moronic white-coated buffoons, who diagnosed her with somatoform disorder, would have swallowed their pride and admitted they were wrong... and then released Justina back to her parents. That would seem the most logical thing to do, right?

Well, the words 'logic' and 'psychiatry' just do not bode well together.

Take a good look at the picture above. On the left is a photo taken of Justina in December 2012. During this time she had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, a disease that she was being treated for.

The photo on the right was taken last month. This after Boston Children's Hospital had disagreed with her diagnosis of mitochondrial disease and claimed she had somatoform disorder, which they claim is a recognised mental illness.

It doesn't take Einstein to work out which treatment was working better for Justina.

Her parents have, for the past 13 months, had their hands tied, having a gag order placed upon them that, should they break, they could be heavily fined or sent to prison.

Thankfully, the gag order has now been lifted and Justina's father, Lou, has spoken publicly for the first time. [legally]

“I will not stop until this nonsense comes to an end,” Pelletier told WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod. “DCF takes control of somebody and you just fall into this deep rabbit hole and there’s no way out.”
Lou also features in a special WGBH News report [video below] and speaks frankly about how Justina was treated successfully at Tufts Medical Center for her mitochondrial disease before Boston Children's Hospital became involved.

"A young neurologist comes along and says there's no such thing as mitochondrial disease and that was the beginning of the nightmare"

Marriott Hotels, who are one of the Boston Children's Hospital main principle sponsors, seemed to be coming out in support of Justina last week when they tweeted the following message to me [fig 1]

fig 1

Sadly, it would appear that Marriott have now chosen to remain quiet. This particular stance astounds me given that last year Stephen Marriott, whose father presided over the Marriott International business empire, died at age 54 through complications from mitochondrial disease, the very same disease Justina Pelletier had been diagnosed with. The very same disease that those involved within the mental health system are claiming Justina does not have and does not exist.

Marriott should really step up to the plate here. In essence, the very same hospital they financially support are saying that Stephen Marriott did not have mitochondrial disease because it simply does not exist.

"A young neurologist comes along and says there's no such thing as mitochondrial disease and that was the beginning of the nightmare" - Lou Pelletier

Marriott have been busy, it seems. But not in the way that one would expect them to be.

They will, of course, be concerned about their image and association with Boston Children's Hospital. This is apparent in the image below. It was taken from the statistics of my blog and shows the Marriott Corporation using the search term "boston children's hospital + marriott + justina"

You see, it's all about image and Marriott are probably looking at protecting theirs rather than really looking into the abhorrent treatment of Justina Pelletier by the very same hospital they support... the very same hospital who, according to Justina's father, have staff that don't believe that mitochondrial disease exists. That's quite a slur on Stephen Marriott, don't you think?

Here's the special WGBH News report.

Bob Fiddaman

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