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Friday, March 07, 2014

Lou Pelltier Speaks Out [VIDEO]

A video circulating on the majority of social networks shows Justina's father, Lou, speaking out regarding the abhorrent treatment of his daughter.

The video, which has been made available as a download via dropbox, can be downloaded here.

I urge readers to tweet this to the Boston Children's Hospital corporate sponsors [fig1]

Fig 1

The whole Justina Pelltier saga has been highlighted by many activists, it's opened a few eyes to those who took it at face value that the field of psychiatry and mental health workers actually know what they are doing - truth is, the whole field of pediatric psychiatry is one that needs to be seriously looked at.

Justina Pelltier is one of many thousands of children across the world who has been diagnosed with a mental illness that just not exist. The irony of this story is that these apparent mental health specialists have completely ignored Justina's real illness and even suggested that her illness does not exist. On this basis they have diagnosed a 15 year-old girl with a mental disorder, a mental disorder created by idiotic imbeciles who have co-authored one of the biggest scams of modern day history...namely, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM], a manual designed to entrap children like Justina Pelltier.

In the video Lou speaks of his daughter Justina...

"She is my hero and she needs to be a hero for every child and family in this country."

Speaking of a proposed new law Lou added...

"This law will state, very clearly, if you have a medical diagnosis and some hospital, doctor, psychologist, wants to come along and says what you have is not medical, it's up here [Lou points to head] that doctor, that psychologist will then lose their licence and go to jail."

Lou goes into detail of what happened to his daughter and how she has been kept away from the family home for 13 long months.

The 33 minute video is below. Please disseminate as far and wide as you can.

Here's other children, babies and adults who never beat the system.

Bob Fiddaman

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