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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Stop State Kidnapping by South Dakota

Last week it emerged that Justina Pelletier had been taken [by force] from her parents and put into care. Back stories here, here and here.

Justina's case has hit the newswires globally, her case has even been reported in British newspapers.

Justina, is one of many...

Last night I was alerted to a video that shows that Justina's case is just the tip of the iceberg. The video, entitled, Hearts On The Ground, can be seen in its entirety below. Every parent should watch it regardless of the age of your children.

While watching the video bear this in mind...

Every year, the Department of Social Services of South Dakota removes about 750 Lakota children from their families. [1]

While Lakota children make up only 13% of the child population of South Dakota, nearly 60% of the children in foster care are Lakota. [2]

Hearts on the Ground focuses on Native American families being ripped apart by the Department of Social Services of South Dakota who have, for one reason or another, removed children from the family home. This despite laws in place designed to protect Native Americans. Laws that the Department of Social Services of South Dakota have blatantly ignored.

According to the Indian child welfare act (ICWA) passed by Congress in 1978, Native American children are legally required to be placed with relatives or tribal members. [3]

A Native American child cannot be placed in non-native foster care facilities unless there are no relatives, tribal members or members of other tribes willing to take the child. [4]

In other words, the actions of the Department of Social Services of South Dakota is in complete violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act...yet they are allowed to get away with it.

Not only are kids taken away from their Native American surroundings, many of them are put into foster care homes and psychiatric units where they are prescribed medication without their parents consent. [5]

The video highlights just how these families are being torn apart by these white-coated morons who claim they have a unique ability that sets them apart from your average human-being. These knuckleheads can see things going on inside a child's brain that no other person...or man-made machine for that matter, can see.

Here's just a snippet of the transcript...

ZANE: They were giving me these uh drugs like you know Prozac and two other ones I didn't know the names of, which scared me because I didn't even know what I was taking, and they just basically said, “Take this,” and if you didn't take it they would physically restrain me and throw me in my room and not let me out you know for an extended period of time, until I wanted to take the meditation.

Zane was only twelve years old when he was placed in the Canyon Hills Psychiatric Facility and forced to take psychiatric drugs.

ZANE: I don’t remember any doctor you know sitting down saying this is what you’re taking, or anything they just kind of conveniently come up to me and said this is the new court ordered medication you have to take because of such and such whatever, you know behavioral report or whatever and they’d be like this is what you’re taking now. I didn't see a doctor I didn't have consent, my mom didn't have consent. they basically just said you take this or you’re in trouble.

Now here's the video. If, after watching, you feel compelled enough to do something about this, then a petition, Free the Lakota Children, can be signed here. If you are outside the US then there's a petition to sign here.

Let's put a stop to this utter madness.

Bob Fiddaman

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[2] Administration for Children and Families, Child Welfare Outcome Report 2008-2011, page 310

[3] The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978

[4] United States Code Title 25 - Indians Chapter 21 - Indian Child Welfare

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