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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tweet For Justina

Time to up the ante.

Twitter is a great place for meeting, or at least cyber-typing your heroes and heroines, namely those people who record music, act in moves or, make us laugh.

All of the following people have links to Massachusetts, the state who believe they own the life of Justina Pelletier. Well, they don't.

It's time to grow folks and you can all play a major part in getting this Twitter campaign off the ground.

Remember #FreeJustina is the hashtag you should all use when tweeting.

It's time to ask famous people who have links to Massachusetts to lend their voices.

It's up to you if you want to direct them to links pointing to Justina's plight. You could just simply ask them to retweet #FreeJustina to their followers, some of which run into the millions.

This girl and her family need your help.

Happy tweeting folks.


Orny Adams, comedian, actor, Teen Wolf -

Mike Birbiglia, comedian -

Bo Burnham, comedian -

Bill Burr comedian, actor -

Louis C.K. comedian, director -

Steve Carell comedian, actor, The Office US -

Dane Cook comedian, stand up, and actor -

Nate Corddry comedian, actor, The Daily Show -

Rob Corddry comedian, The Daily Show -

Bill Cosby comedian, actor -

Jamie Denbo comedienne, actress, Terriers -

Christian Finnegan comedian, actor, Are We There Yet? -

Gary Gulman, comedian -

Pete Holmes comedian, comedy writer, TV personality, voice-over actor -

Penn Jillette comedian, illusionist, juggler, writer -

Mindy Kaling comedian, actor The Office US -

Robert Kelly comedian, actor, NYC 22 -

Jen Kirkman comedian, actress, writer, SuperNews! -

John Krasinski comedian, actor The Office US -

Denis Leary comedian and actor -

Jay Leno comedian and talk show host -

Eugene Mirman comedian and writer, Bob's Burgers -

BJ Novak comedian, actor, and head writer of The Office US -

Conan O'Brien comedian and talk show host -

John Pinette stand-up comedian, actor, Parker Lewis Can't Lose -

Joe Rogan comedian, actor -

Matt Selman writer, producer, The Simpsons -

Jenny Slate comedian, actress, Saturday Night Live -

Doug Stanhope, comedian -

Steven Wright, comedian, actor -

Actors and film people

Ben Affleck, Oscar-winning screenwriter, director & actor -

Elizabeth Banks, actress -

Michael Beach, actor -

Michael Chiklis, actor -

Misha Collins, actor -

Jennifer Coolidge, actress -

Marcia Cross, actress -

Jeffrey Donovan, actor -

Illeana Douglas, actress -

Eliza Dushku, actress -

Lisa Edelstein, actress -

Scott Grimes, actor -

Pooch Hall, actor -

Jay Harrington, actor -

Judith Hoag, actress -

Amy Jo Johnson, actress -

John Krasinski, actor -

Maria Menounos, actress -

Bridget Moynahan, actress -

Leonard Nimoy, actor, director -

Edward Norton, actor, director -

Tricia O'Kelley, actress -

Elizabeth Perkins, actress -

Matthew Perry, actor -

Ellen Pompeo, actress -

Patrick Renna, actor -

Taylor Schilling, actress -

TJ Thyne, actor -

Steven Van Zandt, actor, musician -

Donnie Wahlberg, actor and musician -

Mark Wahlberg, actor and former musician -

Alicia Witt, actress -

Kenny Wormald, dancer, actor -


Neil Cicierega, singer and internet cult icon -

Norman Greenbaum, singer -

Juliana Hatfield, guitarist/singer-songwriter -

Tom Hamilton Bassist Aerosmith -

Joey Kramer, Drummer Aerosmith -

Aaron Lewis, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Staind -

Jo Dee Messina, country artist -

Joe Perry, guitarist, singer Aerosmith, The Joe Perry Project -

Carly Simon musician, singer, composer -

Donna Summer singer, songwriter -

Rob Zombie singer, director -

When tweeting this blog post please ensure that you include the #FreeJustina hashtag.

Eg - Tweet For Justina - - #FreeJustina

Bob Fiddaman

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