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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Goodnight Channel 5

Channel Five's final say on the product placement matter, or rather my final correspondence with them.

I see no point in banging my head against a brick wall, I did it for years with the British drug regulator and don't intend to go down that road again.

In a nutshell, Channel 5 bosses see no problem with advertising...or rather placing GSK's products on popular TV shows. They see no problem, it seems, with Glaxo's admittance of guilt for various fraudulent activities nor do they see any future UK litigation pending against GSK as a problem regarding placing GSK brands in popular TV shows that they broadcast.

The two previous emails sent to me can be seen here and here.

Here's their third. My reply is below theirs. I won't be pursuing this matter any further. Channel 5 have made their position clear.

Date:  3rd July 2015

Dear Bob

Thank you for your latest e-mail.

When the products referred to were featured in the Big Brother house, no statements were made regarding them or their benefits. Channel 5 is satisfied that a product placement deal involving those products could not be interpreted as being misleading in any way. You will understand that the ASA ruling was in relation to an advertisement and not the product itself.  

Like all product placement deals, this one was fully compliant with relevant broadcasting legislation and the law.

Channel 5 will continue to make commercial arrangements with whatever corporate entities it chooses. Litigation concerning such corporate entities does not necessarily affect the appropriateness of commercial arrangements.

Yours sincerely



My reply.

Dear Ian,

Thank you for confirming Channel Five's position on this.

I won't be in touch again.


Bob Fiddaman.


Bob Fiddaman.

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