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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Antidepressant Induced Suicide - The Mothers and Wives




They have the pharmaceutical industry, medicine regulators and psychiatry to thank for their grief.

There is nothing left for me to say.

Leonie Fennell - Ireland
For Shane
Causation: Cipramil (Celexa, citalopram)


Stephanie McGill Lynch - Ireland
For Jake
Causation: Prozac (fluoxetine)


Mathy Downing - USA
For Candace
Causation: Zoloft (sertraline, Lustral)


Wendy Dolin - USA
For Stewart
Causation: Paxil (paroxetine, Seroxat)


Kim Witczak - USA
For Woody
Causation: Zoloft (sertraline, Lustral)

Bob Fiddaman

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