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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Mental Media

Another shooter.

Another number of lives lost.

Another media frenzy that splits itself with reporting about gun laws and/or more calls for a better mental health system.

Born and raised in the UK I don't really get why anyone would ever want to own a gun, unless their life was in imminent danger. (American accent) "Woah, hang on buddy, it's our right to defend ourselves." - Maybe so, I guess everyone has that right. I just can't see why killing someone to defend yourself makes you the better person. Let's face it, you own a gun not to wound someone, you own it to kill someone. The guy that breaks into your house in the middle of the night and puts your family in danger - any eye for an eye, right? (Winks)

The majority of wannabe John Wayne's are pretty sane guys. (American accent...again) "Get off your horse and drink your milk".

We've come a long way since the days of John Wayne, a tough cowboy who would take on the bad guys yet wince like a baby when the woman in his life would try to clean his wounds.

Hollywood now gives us bigger characters, bigger guns, more carnage - (American accent, tinged with Austrian) "I need your clothes, your boots and the keys to your motorcycle."

Let's face it, we like to watch these movies, unless of course we live our lives like Ned Flanders, he of The Simpsons fame. (“Hey-Diddly-Ho!”)

Then we have the gun-totting games on the latest games consoles - have we gone past Nintendo yet? Forgive me, I'm a 51 year-old.

So, for the majority of us we blame the gun culture when we hear of yet another school shooting. The mainstream media, who I'm growing to dislike with a passion, will have us believe that the perpetrator had a history of mental illness and his mom, dad, brother, sister, or cat had a passion for guns.

The quotes littered in these voyeuristic insights of the 'perp' tell us that he (because it's always a 'he') had a history of mental illness. ADHD, Bipolar, and all those other illnesses that seem to have just appeared out of nowhere during the past 20 years or so.

If the media aren't blaming the "brain disease", they are blaming the movies, the kind mentioned above, or the music that the perp used to listen to. Hey, the guy wore an AC/DC cap and they play the Devil's music, right? He had a Judas Priest album in his collection and if you play track 3 backwards there's a hidden message.

Comments under such articles leave me shaking my head. Those poor misguided souls, who hang on to every word the tabloids are spewing, call for a better mental health system to be put into place. What they are missing is that the perp was probably under the care of mental health. Talk therapy, an exercise regime, a better diet are not things your average psychiatrist would recommend for those who have a troubled mind.

Medication, and lots of it. Not one drug, hell no, one isn't enough to fix his mind, let's give him two, three, four, maybe five!

The latest media ignorance has come as a result of yet another shooting (once again coming in America)  (“Hey-Diddly-Ho!”)

Christopher Harper-Mercer, according to the wonderful world media, had an obsession with the devil, black people, women, in fact, he hated everyone. So, what does he do? Well, he walks into Umpqua Community College in Oregon and kills 9 innocent people then, apparently, turned the gun on himself.

Yeh, kinda makes sense. A guy who hates everyone decides to shoot a bunch of kids... in a school.

Let's just stop for one moment and think about the medication he was undoubtedly taking. It is designed to flood the brain with chemicals, those chemicals target receptors, those things that, in essence, fire the obsessive, dark, depression thoughts we have. Now, I'm not going to show you instances where these school shooters have been on psychiatric medication. I think, if you are reading this, you'll already know about the psychiatric medication link with school shootings, if not, Google it.

The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories, psychiatric medication and school shootings have, for whatever reason, made it into a number of these conspiracy theory lists. Hey, it's the gun, it's the lack of mental health care, it's AC/DC or Judas Priest, it's the cat that once scratched the perp when he was a child... ad infinitum.

The mainstream media said so.

Do your homework folks.

Bob Fiddaman

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