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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Letters from Generation Rx - A Review

**Update April 7
The movie is now available to watch - see trailer at the foot of this review.

I was fortunate enough to be sent an advanced copy of Kevin P. Miller's groundbreaking new movie, Letters from Generation Rx, earlier this week. I pretty much knew that it would sadden me. I pretty much knew that it would, at the same time, make me angry. I wasn't wrong.

Award Winning Film-Maker, Kevin P. Miller

Kevin P. Miller has created something quite beautiful with his latest offering, beautiful yet tragic.

From the opening reel we are shown a woman driving her car with her children in the back passenger seats - the scenery is stunning, the whole cinematic event being a reconstruction, one in which the stunning scenery pales into insignificance when we realise that this is no opening scene about the beautiful countryside or, indeed, about a mother taking her children out for a ride to educate them about their surroundings.

From here we are taken on a journey, the driver, Kevin P. Miller, is an award-winning film-maker and he takes us carefully through a minefield of information and disinformation courtesy of global medicine regulators and pharmaceutical companies. The narration is provided throughout by Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. We, through Miller's careful navigation, are driven through the stench of the lies and deceit, along the way we meet the victims of those lies and deceit. We stop, look and listen to their stories, all sounding familiar, all with one common denominator. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)

I've met a good number of the victims in this movie, I wish I hadn't. Our paths crossed because they had lost someone loved to SSRI induced suicide. I have spoken with many more of the subjects featured in Miller's two hour long documentary - hearing their stories again doesn't make it any easier for me to hold back the tears, the anger.

This is a movie that those of us who choose not to read about children, teens and adults killing themselves will, no doubt, turn a blind eye to. "I know it goes on but it's too upsetting to read", are just some of the comments I have heard about the articles that I write. Sorry folks but that just isn't good enough.

Every one of us has a duty to protect the most vulnerable, just ask the parents, partners, featured in Letters from Generation Rx why they advocate for better regulations of prescription medications. Everyone of them have, since the death of their loved ones, made remarkable strides in creating an awareness about the dangers of drugs such as Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro, to name but a few.

Letters from Generation Rx shows us the human side of devastation, it also shows us the inhumane side of the pharmaceutical industry and global medicine regulators. It's jaw-dropping when we are shown by Miller how many of the regulators have vested interests at heart opposed to what they were put into place for - protecting public health.

The relationship between global medicine regulators and the pharmaceutical industry is incestuous and one that is based purely on profit margins.

Miller's movie will have you reaching for the pause button so you can compose yourself after each story is driven home, it did me anyhow.

I doubt if the findings in Letters from Generation Rx will bother the likes of pharmaceutical CEO's or any of the limp-wristed medicine regulatory authorities around the world. They have become too corrupt, too greedy - their hearts have been blackened as they all sit in their ivory towers counting the dollars whilst dismissing the death and destruction that paved way for those dollars.

The movie is harrowing, to say the least. One story is bad enough to endure but to assemble a bunch of stories and to craft them into a two-hour documentary is something that Kevin P. Miller should be applauded for.

To add further incestuous ties to pharma and the medicine regulators the movie shows how Health Canada saw fit to go after one of the victims featured... all because he came up with a healthy nutritional supplementation program after his wife died and two of his ten children later struggled to cope with the loss of their mother. TrueHope, became the target of Health Canada who tried to stop them selling and distributing EMPowerplus to the thousands of participants in the Truehope program in Canada. You'll have to watch the movie to find out the outcome.

Kevin P. Miller has, through his craftsmanship, created something that we should all be queuing to buy and then, once we've all watched and condensed it, we should all be busting a gut to make sure that we don't take this pharmafia abuse lying down anymore.

Letters from Generation Rx is essential viewing and is set for general release in the coming weeks.

Here's a teaser...

Bob Fiddaman.

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