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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Homicide Files: "We Want Our Documents Back"

This is the final post in the series of the Homicide Files, and probably the most important - moreover, it's one that I'd like shared far and wide. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. If you, like me, are a blogger then please share these very important set of documents, even if you blog about cooking, gardening, music, or whatever it is you happen to be passionate about. Even if you don't quite understand what it all means, just blog or share the files or this blog post. The FDA don't want you to ~ that should be as good a reason as any to share, right?

The following documents are, according to the FDA, not supposed to be made public. They cited an apparent privacy exemption under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

One can see, when looking through the documents, exactly why the FDA have thrown their dummy out of the pram with these documents as they reveal information that the public need to know. Let's face it, the FDA are about as transparent as the MHRA, who, in turn, are about as transparent as a polluted river.

I'm going to highlight just one of those documents and then add links to the others. Please, if sharing on Facebook and Twitter, highlight the importance. The public have just as much right to see these documents as the medicine regulators and pharmaceutical companies do.

It's an embarrassment for the FDA ~ they sent the files to investigative reporter, Andrew Thibault, then relaised they had ballsed up on a humungous scale.

As the Russian wrestler once said, Tufty Shitski.

The following document features the tricyclic antidepressant, Nortriptyline hydrochloride. The information contained within this document shows, without doubt, that the drug caused  a 35 year old female Akathisia, Homicide, Suicidal ideation and Delirium.

The reason she was prescribed this powerful antidepressant wasn't because she had a mental disorder or that she was suffering a breakdown of some kind. She was prescribed it because she was distressed due to husband's drinking.

Let's take a closer look. There's a lot of talk about metabolism, much of which will be explained in a future post by a special guest and friend. (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

This woman, according to the document, pleaded mental illness, yet, all she had before she was prescribed this antidepressant was distress over her husband's drinking. The Medical Reviewer considered the case to be possibly related to the suspect drug.

Not yet curious as to why the FDA want this particular case file returned and not made public?

Here's the other files they want back from Andrew Thibault.

Do what you can folks and SHARE, SHARE SHARE!

Bob Fiddaman.

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