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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Homicide Files: Prozac Prescripticide

This is the fifth in the series of the homicide files. My attention was to throw light on the homicide cases that have been reported to the FDA where the antidepressant, Prozac (fluoxetine) has been associated.

As you will see from the reports, the FDA have redacted all the vital information, particularly where the reported homicide was carried out by a child or person under the age of 25.

Prozac is marketed and manufactured by Eli Lilly.

An FDA advisory panel was convened in 1991 to review the fluoxetine data. It concluded that fluoxetine was safe despite the concerns raised by David Graham and others, leading critics to point out that several of the panellists had financial ties to Eli Lilly. (Source)

Adverse event reports regarding psychiatric drugs don't scare me. Suppressing them does.

Here's what the FDA sent investigative reporter, Andrew Thibault.

AERS Case Number 5749577

This case concerns a 10 year-old boy - The FDA, who were sent the information by Eli Lilly, have redacted all of the information. Ask yourself why they would do this? (Click on images to enlarge)


AERS Case Number 5781644

This case concerns a 16 year-old boy - The FDA, who were sent the information by Eli Lilly, have redacted all of the information. Death was the adverse event being reported, although we don't know if it was a homicide or suicide. The 16 year-old boy was on 60mg of Prozac per day.


AERS Case Number 6328428

18 year-old male, prescribed 10mg Prozac daily. 


AERS Case Number 6526177

15 year-old boy. Homicide, Physical assault and withdrawal "syndrome"


AERS Case Number 7979016

16 year-old boy, prescribed Prozac "off label" - he went on to carry out a homicide. He first attempted suicide, this failed - he later went on to stab to death an unknown male/female. Interestingly, his psychiatrist assessed the homicide, self injurious behaviour and manic symptoms as being related to Prozac use. The report mentions that Health Canada were involved in putting the information together which would suggest that the 16 year-old boy was living in Canada.


AERS Case Number 8255398

27 year-old male. Killed his wife then himself. 


So, there you have it. Prozac, it seems, is the one antidepressant that the FDA seem to be tight lipped about. Not surprising given that in 1991 several of the FDA panellists had financial ties to Eli Lilly. They concluded that Prozac was safe.

Bob Fiddaman

Previously in the Homicide Files series.

**Prescripticide is defined as a death that is caused by an adverse reaction to a prescription drug.

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