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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Homicide Files: Zoloft

The is the sixth in the Homicide Files series (previous 5 are at the foot of this post)

Today I focus on Zoloft (sertraline), an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor family.

Zoloft is manufactured and marketed by Pfizer and is the subject of many lawsuits in the United States, alleging, amongst other things, that Zoloft is ineffective (doesn't work), that it causes birth defects and that it causes violence and suicide.  It is known as Lustral in the UK.

The first file today is 99 pages in length and concerns a 27 year-old male. I'm not going to publish all the 99 pages, if you want to view the whole document then you can do so here.

AERS Case Number 4073159

27 year-old male, prescribed 100mg Zoloft per day between 1996-1998. Patient, according to the first page of the document, murdered an acquaintance of his. Moreover, the report says, "Either chronic use or sudden involuntary withdrawal caused a major psychotic event where "patient" murdered an acquaintance of his.


AERS Case Number 4088468

20 year-old male prescribed 50mg of Zoloft per day between Oct 24, 2003 - January 23, 2004.

The report was sent to Medwatch by the parents of the 20 year-old who state that their son experienced an adverse reaction to Zoloft and killed a "friend of a young woman" in their home.


AERS Case Number 5838493

19 year-old male. Prescribed Zoloft between 2003-2004. The report was sent in by a psychologist who said, "The patient started taking Zoloft (50mg) for one week then 25mg daily for two weeks." The psychologist also states, "On day 13 of his Zoloft therapy he decided it was not working and stopped taking in for 3 days, then he restarted Zoloft at 25mg daily."

Days later he killed someone.

His parents said, he committed the murder because of persistent severe agitation and aggression from Zoloft.


AERS Case Number 6100809

Homicide by a 32 year-old female who was taking Zoloft (dosage unknown) because she was having 'mental problems' for 3 to 4 months.


AERS Case Number 5837912

37 year-old female. Prescribed 200mg of Zoloft per day. She killed her son then attempted to kill her daughter. You'll note in this document how the reporter makes claims that the female patient may have been taking another prescription drug at the time of the murder. This, according to the document, was never proven. 


AERS Case Number 5668352

70 year old male. Was taking Zoloft (date unknown)  - He killed his wife and them himself. The report was sent in by one of the children. It states, "He did not have a history of depression... we all knew it was the drug when this happened"


So, six more cases of prescripticide. Feel free to read the links below to cases of other antidepressant medication.

Bob Fiddaman.

Previously in the Homicide Files series.

**Prescripticide is defined as a death that is caused by an adverse reaction to a prescription drug.

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