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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Petition Put in Place Regarding MHRA

Just a quick one - I will be writing more about this in the future.

A petition is now online regarding the British drug regulatory agency, the MHRA.

In a nutshell, those who have created the petition, want to see the financial ties the MHRA have with the pharmaceutical industry to end.

I could think of a lot more to add but it will have to wait for a future post.

Meantime, here is the head of the MHRA, Dr Ian Hudson, being depositioned by attorneys. It came at a time when Hudson was Head of World Safety for SmithKline Beecham, better known today as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

In the video you will see how Hudson completely dismisses and evades the questioning regarding the propensity of Paxil (known as Seroxat in the UK) to cause suicide.

During the time the deposition was taken, it is alleged that company officials at SKB already knew about the Paxil suicide link.

Begs the question why Hudson didn't!

The petition can be read and signed HERE.

For more information, including news that this petition has the backing of Leah Wood (Daughter of Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood) please visit the very active Facebook Group - Reform The MHRA.

Here's that video deposition.

More about the MHRA here

Bob Fiddaman.

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