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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Glaxo Settle Paxil Birth Defects

Once again GlaxoSmithKline have settled out of court with a mother who claimed that she and other mothers had not been properly warned about the risks of taking Paxil during pregnancy.

The lawsuit, which was filed 9 years ago, has recently seen both parties come to an agreement - ergo the plaintiffs (50 in all) will probably receive around $150,000 each.

Faith Gibson, who was the lead case in the litigation, used Paxil during her pregnancy and her daughter, Leah, (pictured above) was born with a hole in the heart in 2005. Meah, now aged 11, remains particularly susceptible to whichever cold or flu is going around.

Her mother said...

"In general, Meah, now 11, seems to be doing better physically. But the ordeal has affected her mentally as well.

"Any kind of pain she has in her heart or any sort of discomfort she feels in her chest, she feels like it’s something bad going on and that she might have to have surgery again.

"That side of things hasn’t subsided at all. She’s got a nasty scar on her chest to remember it by, so it’s always there."

GlaxoSmithKline said that despite the settlement in principle, it does not admit to any liability or wrongdoing but has agreed to resolve the class action case to avoid the time and expense associated with a trial and subsequent steps in the proceedings.

“We continue to be of the view that the scientific evidence does not establish that exposure to Paxil during pregnancy causes cardiovascular birth defects."


We all know different.

See the evidence in links below, evidence that caused a huge embarrasment to both Glaxo and their attorneys, King & Spalding.

Bob Fiddaman.

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