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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Brain Pellets On Tap in America

Tim Alexander is a film-maker. He is in the post-production phase of his groundbreaking, Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust,  a series of 12 one hour episodes that explore every aspect of why so many people are dying, killing and having their lives, families, and relationships ruined after they begin taking prescription medications, particularly Opioid Painkillers, Antidepressants, Psychotropic Drugs, Benzodiazepines, Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics, and Statins as prescribed by a psychiatrist and primary care doctors.

More on this in the future.

Tim's Facebook group, the Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust Group, is a page I've been following with interest, particularly as Tim uploaded a few clips of his mini-series.

Today, my jaw dropped.

Here's why, in Tim's own words.


I was just at the doctor's moments ago because my lovely wife Karen makes me go. I am 100% healthy never once with any drugs or other medical issues. The video posted below tells the story of what happened, watch it.

The most important question they had for me was how was my brain. First, the nurse asked them, and then the doctor walked in and asked them again. I asked the doctor why that was the first question, he said he was not sure but he thinks the Pharmaceutical Companies or the Government mandates that they ask, as it is on a federal level for Mental Health Evaluation.

I never sought that. I asked him if he went to school for Mental Health and was qualified in it, he smiled and said "No", but said he did have a little training. I asked him what would have happened if I had said yes to the questions, he said it would have automatically triggered more questions. I asked what would happen if I answered in a way that was yes, I was depressed, was he qualified to prescribe me a medication? He said "Yes". I said how if you were not trained in the brain? He said my answers would allow him to look them up and diagnose me and give me one of the few FDA approved medications for the symptoms I said I had, and that is the way the screening works. I asked him what kind of medications and what did they do? He told me they were FDA approved antidepressants and they worked on certain specific regions of the brain that he didn't understand, but that they effectively relieved the symptoms of depression, and said it with a smile.

He was maybe 32 at best, he didn't know snot. I saw it first hand with my own eyes and experience, I was just a few wrong words away from a major Pysch Drug being given to me from a man who was not trained in the brain, diagnosing me from a simple questionnaire, and who had no idea what they do or how they worked. This was the second time this happened to me, it happened last year with a different doctor the exact same way.

They are nationally PUSHING THESE DRUGS ON A FEDERAL LEVEL, these Mental Health diagnoses are promoted, not selectively given because of an apparent need at the doctor's judgement. If I had a bad job with stress or trouble in my relationship I could have been thrown down the drug rabbit hole for it by a doctor with no clue just by saying I have been down, or a bit depressed. That is what I am making this movie, to WARN PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW THIS YET, not to talk to the people who do know it. You must protect you, and that starts with being on guard and being careful how you answer any doctor's questions, it is almost as bad as talking to an arresting officer, your words can be used against you, but in this case TO DRUG YOU. 'Legal Death - In DRUGS WE TRUST' is a WARNING to protect your life from a few simple questions that could destroy it forever!

Tim Alexander

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