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Saturday, December 08, 2018


Natalie would have been celebrating her 25th birthday today but for the intervention of prescribed brain pellets.

To honour her please take, and pass on, the accredited Akathisia101 course which was designed and created by Natalie's mother, Kristina.

I have a lot of anger toward those responsible for Natalie's death. The prescribers who kept adding brain pellets, despite obvious signs that the brain pellets were slowly killing this beautiful young girl. The drug companies, for not being truthful about those brain pellets. The mental health system, for basing its entire diagnostic model on guesswork. The regulators, for its limp-wristedness and incestuous relationship with the drug industry.

Today, Natalie's family should be celebrating, instead, they are going through the motions of what might have been. Only if you have buried a child will you know the pain and suffering this family are going through today, a pain that never goes away but is magnified on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.

Natalie's story can be read in two parts here and here, it's harrowing reading, nonetheless its compelling evidence that prescribers, drug companies, regulators and the mental health system all had a part to play in taking this young woman away from her family.

I never got to meet Natalie, I never got to meet any of the kids I have written about over the past 12 years - all share one thing in common - their lives were taken by a sick and twisted monopoly of greed, fraud and psychopathy. They all will sleep well tonight, they all will blame one another for the mistakes they have made over the years but none will take the gauntlet and say enough is enough. Instead, they continue to push these brain pellets, making excuses for those who died whilst on them, blaming the victims, blaming the illness, blaming everyone and everything but themselves.

Shame on all of the above who each played a part in creating the feeling of loss that Natalie's family are suffering today. Shame on them all for continuing to ignore the mess they created.

My thoughts are with Kristina today and also Natalie's family.

Bob Fiddaman

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