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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I suggest you all take a look at this forum


Dear readers,

As part of the NewsTarget Network, we operate a website called, and it's a public, open-access website where people can post their horror stories about dangerous drugs, hospitals, surgical procedures or anything else related to conventional medicine. The site is intended to shed light on issues that the drug companies, hospitals and the FDA would rather sweep under the rug. After all, the reporting of dangerous drug side effects observed in patients isn't even mandatory: It's VOLUNTARY!

But now, you can share your true stories about the horrors of conventional medicine by posting them on this new site:

Everybody has a horror story about doctors, hospitals or drugs. I've seen doctors make outrageous disease determinations from loosely interpreted blood tests (like incorrectly telling patients they have thyroid cancer). I've read about the horrors of bariatric surgery(which kill 1% of patients right on the operating table) and the downright atrocious hospital food served to heart patients that actually worsens their heart conditions. Readers have emailed me stories about medication errors, surgical errors (they removed the wrong kidney!), and outrageous coverage denials by health insurance providers. The horrors of conventional medicine, it seems, have no end. Now is your chance to vent. Share your horror story about a drug side effect, a surgery gone bad, a hospital error or bad doctor experiences, and help us expose the U.S. medical racket for what it truly is: A for-profit system of collusion between drug companies, the FDA, med schools and hospitals, designed to turn a human being into a profit machine.Our goal is to reach 100,000 posts by Christmas.

Post your true story and spread the word! There's no charge to post messages or read other messages.

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