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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is Alistair Benbow Deranged?

Okay, we all know who he is, we all know his stance on Seroxat 'I think patients have nothing to fear taking Seroxat' but did you know he is now defending the diabetes drug, Avandia?

Get outta here Fid I hear you cry. It's true I tells ya, true!

The Truthman sent me a link to an article and I must admit I had to rub my eyes at GMC flavour of the month, Benbow.

The full text can be read here

For convenience I will reproduce the segment which features Benbow once again, I believe, lying through his back teeth and playing down the risk of Avandia:

Alastair Benbow, European medical director for GlaxoSmithKline, said of the study: "It is well recognised that the class of drug can cause fluid retention. It is wholly different from the issue raised previously about heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths." He said the fluid retention issue could be taken care of if the patient was closely monitored and prescribed diuretics. Even heart failure could be treated in hospital. "What is missing here is the benefit these drugs provide." The drugs kept blood sugar levels low, preventing serious effects of the disease such as blindness and amputations, he said.

Fantastic eh? 'Heart failure can be treated in hospital'! Oh well that's alright then - carry on taking Avandia then - don't worry if you have a heart attack, it can be treated in hospital. Is Benbow a disallusioned man? 'What's missing here is the benefits these drugs provide' What? Is Benbow deranged? Is this man on auto pilot when questioned about drugs GlaxoSmithKline manufacture?

So there you have it folks. Alistair Benbow once again defends, what I believe to be poor drugs... and what will be done about it? Nothing!

Rant over


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