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Thursday, August 02, 2007

MHRA announce the launch of 'Drug Safety Update'

From the MHRA website

We are pleased to announce the launch of 'Drug Safety Update', our new regular monthly electronic bulletin bringing you the latest information and clinical advice from the MHRA and the Commission on Human Medicines, its independent advisor, about the safe use of medicines

it continues...

We have designed the bulletin so that you can find quickly the information that is relevant to your practice. Keywords on main articles enable you to locate items of particular relevance to your area of interest. Where possible, we have indicated where you can access additional information, and websites are highlighted with hyperlinks for ease of use. The bulletin will include regular updates on the Yellow Card Scheme, which remains a vital part of the Agency’s vigilance activities.

If the bulletin is anything like the Freedom of Information requests I have received from them then it would be pointless reading.

Too late Mr Kent Woods! It's no good trying to appear like you actually DO care about the health of the British public - This wouldn't have nothing to do with the MHRA's investigation into GSK would it? Wouldn't have nothing to do with the dawning of realisation that the MHRA have failed by allowing GSK in particular to peddle their drugs into a market that HAS NOT been protected by the MHRA?

Some quarters will no doubt give you the pats on the back you think you so richly deserve. Personally, I hold you, as the CEO of the MHRA, responsible for the Seroxat debacle. YOU have sat back and let people suffer at the hands of this drug. You have stood firm in your belief that Seroxat is a safe drug for adults - despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Your staff are ignorant, flippant and untrustworthy, many of which have shares in GlaxoSmithKline.

You may get the kudos from your peers but I for one hold you in complete disdain for what you have allowed to happen. Never mind the bulletins - sort your ethics out at the MHRA. Get rid of Ian Hudson and Alisdair Breckenridge both of whom were employed by GlaxoSmithKline, both of whom MUST HAVE known about the dangers of this drug.

Drug Safety Update? Don't make me laugh!


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