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Monday, August 27, 2007

MHRA - "shite is so often characterized as excellence"

Matthew Holford not happy with the MHRA it seems... join the queue Matt. I wrote on and off to them over a two year period. They are about as transparent as tinted windows!

Matthew's complaint can be read on his blog 'It's Quite an Experience'. I've reproduced it in its entirety here but please do hop over to his blog - he likes a good old rant - as many of you already know with his own section within this blog - See Matthew Holford Rant

Here's his latest offering:

Yellow card report - complaint

I have a keen desire to understand why it is that shite is so often characterized as excellence, so I sent this to the MHRA, copied to Breckenridge, Woods, Vara, Johnson and a whole bunch of daily newspapers:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to complain formally about the fact that my Yellow Card report has not been followed up.

I experienced suicidal ideations coincidental to fluoxetine use, which I take to be about as serious as it can possibly be, short of incapacity or death, and yet I have heard nothing following the receipt of a hard copy of my submission. I would like an explanation for the MHRA's failure to follow up. I wish to be advised of the manufacturer's details (it being a generic drug that I was prescribed). I wish to understand why the system that I was subjected to was so monumentally incompetent, and I imagine the MHRA's contribution will be definitive, in this regard.I would like the explanation to be full, and detailed, with all considerations properly (as assessed by me) discussed. And I would like an apology, please, even though it's a bit late for that.

Best regards

Matthew Holford

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