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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hey, if you are in your teens those wonderful folk at Pharma have just the thing for you. If you participate in their survey they will give you free movie passes, food coupons, pizza parties or $50 mall gift certificates

There is a psychiatric pharmaceutical plan to "suicide screen" everychild in the United States before they graduate from high school, so says 'Amy' who left a comment on a post of mine earlier today.

The brains behind this? Non other than Dr David Shaffer.

Remember him?

He was one of the crew used to tout Seroxat. See (Seroxat Gunslingers)

And paid handsomely he was too.

This latest scheme, apparently backed by Pharma, is akin to what the SS did in the concentration camps. Utterly shameful.

You can however do something about this.

Sign the petition HERE

Meantime, you could always email Dr Shaffer to ask just how much he is getting paid by Pharma for this latest 'Slaughter of the Lambs'

Dr David Shaffer has know doubt heard... but ignored the term 'Conflict of Interest!

Watch the video HERE

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