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Friday, February 29, 2008

You ever wondered why JP Garnier looks smug?

I've often wondered why GlaxoSmithKline CEO, JP Garnier looks remarkably smug for someone faced with so much shit. Falling shares, bad drugs, shedding his workforce, recent bad press regarding impartial studies etc.

Maybe the huge salary he demands is enough to keep him smiling through? Or maybe it is the knowledge that no matter how many Members of Parliament sign EDM's or voice their constituents feelings in the Houses of Parliament, he knows deep down that his close friendship with PM Gordon Brown will safeguard him.

Seroxat & SSRi User Group Founder, Janice Simmons, met with Gordon Brown last year, she asked him:

I am sure you are aware that GSK are being investigated for withholding information regarding seroxat being dangerous for children in that it caused self harm/suicide, which led to the drug being banned for under 18’s in 2003.

Can you please tell us why the MHRA are holding this investigation and why it has not been passed to the CPS? Why it has been 4 years since the investigation was instigated and still no conclusion?

We have in our possession a letter from SmithKline Beecham dated 1995, which reads: ‘with regard to behavioural side effects associated with Seroxat, you may be interested in the following information relating to emergence of aggressive behaviour and also of agitation with Seroxat.’

Gordon Brown replied "this investigation is being treated as a very serious investigation and I understand that over 1 million documents are being looked at. If GSK are found guilty prosecutions could be made.’

It's hardly endearing stuff from Brown is it?

Do we really think anything will be done?

How can we beleive that it will.

Let's see what I'm driving at here:

PM announces make-up of new Business Council

The Prime Minister has announced the creation of a Business Council for Britain comprising senior representatives of UK-based businesses, to advise him on issues that affect enterprise, business and the long term productivity and competitiveness of the economy.

The Council will be chaired by Mervyn Davies of the Standard Chartered Bank and will be attended by the Prime Minister and Secretaries of State of the main economic departments will attend. Other Secretaries of State will attend the meetings at the invitation of the Council.

The full list of members of the council is:

Sir Richard Branson: Founder, Virgin Group
Damon Buffini: Managing Partner, Permira
Sir William Castell: Chair, Wellcome Trust
Mervyn Davies: Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank
Sir Rod Eddington: Director, News Corporation
Dr Jean Pierre Garnier: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Glaxo SmithKline
Stephen Green: Chairman, HSBC
Tony Hayward: CEO, BP
Sir Terry Leahy: CEO, Tesco
Sir John Parker: Chair, National Grid
Sir John Rose: CEO, Rolls Royce
Stuart Rose: CEO, Marks and Spencer
Arun Sarin: CEO, Vodafone
Dame Marjorie Scardino: CEO, Pearson
Sir Alan Sugar: Chair and CEO, Amstrad

Need I say anymore?

The gravy train keeps rolling and rolling.


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