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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Message to MHRA from Seroxat Sufferers Reader

Jane left a new comment regarding my post about the MHRA - MHRA - "We see no point in answering questions where you have prejudged the veracity of any answers"

Dear Bob,

I am disappointed to see no one felt it necessary to answer your questions. Maybe they felt you had pre-judged their answer, but do they not realize this is a public site and anyone has access? I found your site googling Paxil after my doctor wrote me a prescription for this medication. I must say, I won't be filling the prescription based on the fact, MHRA cannot provide any answers as to what the benefit might be.

Thank you for this site - what an eye opener!

I can see the defence of GSK, The MHRA and doctors that have been brainwashed by pharmaceutical reps: It is wrong that your site is stopping people from taking important medication - but it IS NOT this site. It is the MHRA's and the Department of Health's reluctance to answer one basic fundemental question. What is the benefit of Seroxat?

The Dept of Health have had a month to answer - they have no doubt been in touch with the MHRA but I'm still to recieve an answer. My MP thinks I should give people time to answer questions - notice the plural? One question - What is the benefit of Seroxat?

We are constantly told by the MHRA that the 'benefits' far outweigh the risks - we know what the risks are but are yet to learn what these 'so-called' benefits are.

I don't know the answer to this question so the MHRA cannot spin the "We see no point in answering questions where you have prejudged the veracity of any answers" line at me can they?

Now it seems a patient (Jane) was today given a prescription for Seroxat - she, like any human being is entitled to, did some research and stumbled upon this blog. Once here she read the MHRA correspondence. Because they cannot answer a basic question she decided not to go through with dispensing the prescription.

So GSK have lost a potential customer (addict). Ironically, the MHRA's silence is actually protecting the British public! Hats off to you Kent.

I'm pleased that Jane stumbled upon this site.

Pleased that she won't have to go through the horrific withdrawal.

Pleased that she won't think she is burning from within.

Pleased she won't feel like commiting an act of violence upon someone.

Pleased that she won't have to experience head and body zaps that Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline Alistair Benbow puts down to 'dizziness'.

Pleased that she won't feel the urge to walk from room to room because she cannot sit still because something inside her body won't let her sit still.

Pleased that she won't contribute to her short term memory loss by popping one of these pills.

Pleased for her loved ones because they won't have to witness her turning from a normal human being into someone that nobody recognises.

Pleased because she won't feel the urge to kill herself.

Pleased because she won't have to go through the ordeal of explaining to people that she does not know what is wrong with her.

Pleased that she won't have to lobby a Member of Parliament who is too busy signing Early Day Motions for more TV coverage of cricket to give a toss about her/his constituent.

Pleased because she won't have to bombard the MHRA with questions only to be told "We see no point in answering questions where you have prejudged the veracity of any answers".

Pleased that she will be able to live the rest of her life knowing that she can wake in the morning and decide to have an extra hour in bed and not have to rise because her sleep has been ruined by chemicals that ficticiously replace a ficticious chemical imbalance.

Pleased she won't get to the stage where she has to use an oral syringe and push vile tasting liquid into her mouth because she would find it impossible to shave her Seroxat tablets with a blade.

Pleased that she won't have to put up with people thinking she is a 'psycho' who could 'explode' at any given time.

You getting all this down Kent?

These are the risks - Kind of 'outweighing' the benefits (What are the benefits?) don't you think?

Pleased that she sought the truth... and found it.

It appears to me that this blog, along with many others are doing the jobs of MP's, The Dept of Health and the Medicine's Regulator! Meantime, the aforementioned get paid wads of cash to bury their heads in the sand in the hope that people will stop asking questions if they (MHRA et al) remain silent.

Not a chance in Hell


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