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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reflections of an Obsession - Part II - Unredacted

'Sher', approx 2 months before her untimely death.

The story of Sheryl Tilbrook, as written by her father, Stuart Jones.

I originally ran with this back in March 2009. At that time, the author, Stuart Jones, wished for names and places to be redacted.

He has since reconsidered.

Reflections on an Obsession.

10/6/04 (Taken from notes on the 6/6/04)

On the morning of the sixtieth anniversary of D Day I had a respite from my obsessional research into the events which surrounded my daughter Sheryls death: As for a brief while I thought of the enormity of that assault on Hitler's Atlantic Wall defences
I wondered at the sheer enormity of the task. At the stark horror and at the courage and determination of those who fought that day. Of those who died. And of what we owe to them and to that battles successful outcome.

I thought of the events which had led to that momentous day. Of the blundering foreign policy and diplomacy of self-interest-orientated nation states, which led to the rise to power of Hitler's Germany, with all that evil regimes monstrous consequences.

The reason that D Day was able to, and did succeed despite the high cost, was that the price of failure would have been immeasurably higher.

I remembered relating these facts to Sheryl. It was the year of her O level examinations, she was given “Hitler's Germany” for her history subject matter, and I recalled the way she quite shamelessly bullied, teased and cajoled me into all but actually writing the text for her examination essay, and it came as no surprise when We received an A grade. I remember the poignant regret in me, as I watched some of the child in her change as she learned how the Nazis came to power and she learned of the atrocities of Hitler’s Third Reich. And I recall the pride I felt, as I saw her develop a personal resolution that such a terrible thing should never happen again.

Sheryl learned of the process of natural justice, from the decision of the Allies to try war criminals, and the resultant Nuremberg Code. And the formation of the United Nations Charter and told me that she was going to be a barrister.

Her further A level studies including law, grammar, history and literature, took her beyond my limited knowledge, yet she still included her family in her further education and I remember her humorous observations on Cider with Rosie reducing her family to helpless tears.

At that point I broke down. Tears induced by other emotions than merriment streamed down my face.

They were the tears of grief. Gradually, although my sense of loss was a tangible knot of choking pain, the grief changed to a sense of outraged indignation and I realised that I had drawn a parallel between my reminiscences and my families current plight.

The War in Europe was the result of a nations schizophrenic support for a madman. The research into Sheryl’s Death, which I have been engaged in for over three years, was instigated by the corporate schizophrenia of a pharmaceutical company and my thoughts returned to the time of my daughters death and of how it came about.

The full story can be downloaded HERE


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