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Monday, April 25, 2011

Global Concerns about HPV Vaccines in London


UK journalist Christina England has a new article up on the website 'American Chronicle' regarding HPV vaccines. Her opening paragraph sets the tone for another imformative piece of news reporting from her. She writes:

In March this year, the British Society for Ecological Medicine held their spring conference in London. The conference entitled 'A tablet a day keeps the patient at bay - The Health Hazards of Prevention - Vaccinations and Pharmacoprophylax' brought together experts from around the world to speak on the dangers of childhood vaccinations and prescription medication.

This years speakers included MMR experts Dr Andrew Wakefield and Dr Jayne Donegan, Dr Lucija Tomljenovic from the University of British Columbia and Dr Ellen Grant. Also joining this years panel of experts were Leslie Carol Botha, Women's Health Educator and Vice-President, Media Relations, SaneVax Inc, (USA) and Freda Birrell, Political Advisor and Secretary, SaneVax Inc (Scotland) both speaking on behalf of S.A.N.E. Vax Inc.

She adds, "Botha and Birrell proved without a doubt, through facts and statistics, that the vaccinations Gardasil and Cervarix did not fit the SaneVax's criteria . The vaccines are not safe, they are not affordable, they are not necessary and they are very far from being effective in winning the war against cervical cancer."

It's a fascinating article and one that should be read by parents who have to make a decision regarding these two particular vaccines.

The whole article can be read HERE

Christina has also recently co-authored a book with Harold Buttram M.D entitled, "Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis - Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?"

The blurb for the book reads:

In 1971 Norma Guthkelch, retired neurosurgeon, published the first description of the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Within the next several years John Caffey, pediatric radiologist, wrote several articles supporting the SBS theory. Very soon after, when infants were brought into hospital emergency rooms in the U.S.A. with brain hemorrhages without known accidental explanations such as auto accidents or high distance falls, almost routinely the hemorrhages have been attributed to SBS or related diagnoses resulting in criminal conviction of parents or caretakers. These and other issues such as inflicted child abuse, non-accidental trauma, failure to protect, and other diagnoses are reviewed in this book

“Since the original introduction of the SBS theory, conclusive evidence has emerged proving that these prosecutions have been founded upon tainted medical opinions and fundamentally flawed scientific methodology (i.e. junk science). It requires little imagination to understand the significant mental pain which parents undergo while grieving over the death of a child, as frequently occurs in these cases. Accusing this parent of murdering their child (with no real evidence) and putting the entire strength of the state behind this accusation is monstrous, when the entire accusation pivots upon facts which are now known to be false. Loss of job, loss of family and community ties follow the accusation.

Moreover, the general public, the grand and petite juries, the states and the parties, all have an overwhelmingly strong interest in knowing if these prosecutions are founded upon reasonable interpretation of the facts – or – if the accusations are built around falsehoods and scientific impossibilities.”

The book, published by Authorhouse, can be downloaded for Kindle users HERE or can be ordered as a paperback HERE



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