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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seroxat Book Goes Global

My book, 'The evidence, however, is clear...the Seroxat scandal' is now available in other countries.

Many book outlets are carrying the book. This will save you all on postage and packaging prices from the UK.

Here's the blurb for the book:

Bob Fiddaman was prescribed Seroxat due to depression that was, in essence, due to work related problems. What followed was a journey that took him through a tapering process of, what he believes to be, a highly addictive antidepressant. Following almost two years of withdrawal, Fiddaman's new battle with the manufacturer of the drug, GlaxoSmithKline and the UK's medicine regulator, the MHRA, took him on a more frustrating journey than he ever could have imagined. The name Bob Fiddaman has become synonymous throughout cyberspace. Google his name and you will find articles he has written, many of which have been republished by a vast army of fellow patient advocates. In his debut book, Fiddaman takes the bull by the horns and pulls no punches. Doctor's and patients alike will find Fiddaman's journey both tragic and informative, in particular the current stance of the UK regulator with regard to pregnancy and antidepressants. It may also make you stop and seriously reconsider the safety and efficacy of the medications you take.

Below is a list of countries you can order the book from. Here's a selection of readers comments:

"Exposing the corruption of pharmaceutical companies and regulators, Bobby shines a light down the path of consumer resistance and shows how ordinary people can wage extraordinary fights against the fraudulent activities of big pharma and the incompetence of regulatory bodies."

"What do you do after a bad experience with a prescription medication? In Bob's case you, you start by looking to see if others had the same reaction, but Bob didn't stop there, as the more he found out the more determined he became to do something about the situation."

"George Orwell's book was fictitious whereas Bob's is a frighteningly believable account of what really goes on behind closed doors, were a club culture, and imbalance of power remains with too much control in the hands of a few individuals."

'A rare and remarkably compelling insight and factual exploration into the underhand morals and ethics of pharmaceutical giant, GSK and the regulatory body that is 'supposed' to protect us, the MHRA."

"This book is extremely well written, compelling and difficult to put down."

"Bob is a man of integrity and honesty, and this book is living proof that he is not afraid to
stand up for what he believes is right."

"At last there is someone who is not afraid to tell it as it is, MHRA and Big Pharma beware Bob Fidaman is a stubborn  tenacious man who is not going to go away, who will not be cowed by anyone or anything."

"For the very first time, a book has been published exploding the myths of anti-depressants and the corruption involved."

"For one man to stand alone and fight these very companies and the people that are suppose to protect us namely the MHRA, Mr Fiddaman you have my utmost respect."

"This is a 'must read' for anybody on Seroxat or any SSRi antidepressant, and also for anyone in the U.K. who are under the illusion that the MHRA will protect them from dangerous medication"

"I recommend this book for anyone who has personal experiences with antidepressants or depression for themselves or family members, or for more insight into drug regulation and consumer advocacy. The writing is excellent and refreshingly honest."

"The British may be known for "inventing" the first novel, and like the first novel, this reads smoothly, part epistolary, part fiction. But it's not fiction. This is a true story, which I sorely wish was fiction."

Here's a list of the countries and book stores.

**Please note that the book may only be available for purchase online at the following stores:













Thank you for your continued support.


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