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Friday, April 01, 2011

STOP! It's the Police...You are under arrest for refusing your child Risperdal!

Sounds like some sort of April fool joke doesn't it? But it was no joke for Maryanne Godboldo, a mother who refused to have psychiatrists ram the powerful drug Risperdal down her daughter's throat.

Godboldo had barricaded herself and her daughter in the family home as armed police circled the property during a 12 hour stand-off with Detroit's finest.

One would think police officers would have better things to do, such as hunt down murderers and rapists, alas, some youngster didn't take their medication because "mummy refused to give it to her" so they decided to spend 12 man hours with armoured vehicles and such surrounding a mother and child.

It's been alleged that Godboldo fired a shot at the police, an allegation that Godboldo's attorney refutely denies.

Here we have a mother, who has probably brushed up on her research with regard to the powerful antipsychotic Risperdal. She probably learned that Risperdal adds chemicals to the brain, chemicals that are not supposed to be there, chemicals that will cause a chemical imbalance in her daughter's brain, ironically the very same "imbalance" that Risperdal is prescribed for!

Godboldo had every right to do what she did. If any of the major pharmaceutical companies wished to hire psychiatrists [because that's what they do folks] to push drugs on my children, I'd do the same. If police came after me, I'd hole up for 12 hours and plead my case.

What has the world come to when a mother's refusal to allow a powerful drug to be given to her child is warranted as a crime. Furthermore, why would a bunch of uniformed 'wannabe mercenaries' surround a house with guns pointing at a terrified mother and child?

Okay, we have the alleged shooting incident, probably the reason for the armoured vehicles and snipers but for the love of God, this woman had every right to refuse medication for her child. She, as a human being, took a stance against one of the most powerful entities there is, the psychopharmaceutical monopoly, the untouchable coalition of psychopathic monsters who pimp their wares down children knowing damn well that the chances of the child benefiting from the drugs are pretty slim. In fact, the chances of the child going through an array of adverse side-effects such as self-harming, violent mood swings and ultimately suicide, are much more apparent in these types of drugs than the public are led to believe.

Godboldo is a mother and a warrior who has stuck her middle finger up to the psychopharmacuetical monopoly. For that she deserves respect.

Maryanne Godboldo...I salute you.

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